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What is thermal energy?

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Aiyana Garibay
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The total kinetic energy of the particles in a system

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2020-08-18 19:50:18

of all molecules in a system* too. -APX
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Thermal energy is the energy of motion of the atoms or molecules within a quantity of matter. Thus it is the energy associated with the temperature of matter.

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What energy increases when an object warms up?

The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.

The energy in heat is also called?

Thermal energy.Thermal energy.Thermal energy.Thermal energy.

What is the name of thermal energy that moves from a warmer object to a cooler one?

"Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat".

What is a example of thermal energy?

a example of thermal energy is the sun Thermal energy is heat energy. Anything that generates heat produces thermal energy.

Why is thermal energy called thermal energy?

Because "thermal" means heat, and heat is used in thermal energy.

What it thermal energy?

Thermal energy is a FORM of energy. It is the energy of heat.

How is heat different from thermal energy?

There is no particular difference between heat and thermal energy. Heat is a form of thermal energy. Since thermal energy is energy from heat, heat and thermal energy are basically the same thing.

Is thermal energy safe?

Thermal energy is (I think) the total kinetic energy. Thermal = heat.

What type of engine converts Thermal energy to thermal energy?

thermal energy converting engine

What is the opposite of thermal energy?

There is no opposite of thermal energy.Thermal energy is energy that comes from heat, and therefore comparable to temperature. There is no "opposite of temperature," and there is no "opposite of thermal energy."If an object has high thermal energy, it is hot. The opposite of that would be having low thermal energy, or being cold.

What kind of things have thermal energy?

Most things have thermal energy. Thermal energy is comes from heat and therefore anything that can generate heat has thermal energy. All living things have thermal energy.

How does temperature affect thermal energy?

Thermal energy is heat. More heat is more thermal energy.

Is a cup of cocoa thermal energy?

A cup of cocoa can "have" thermal energy, however it "itself" is not thermal energy.

What are two sources of thermal energy?

The two types of thermal energy sources are Geothermal and Thermal Energy

The internal motion of particles of matter creates what type of energy?

That is called heat, or thermal energy.That is called heat, or thermal energy.That is called heat, or thermal energy.That is called heat, or thermal energy.

What does thermal energy do to matter?

matter and thermal energy

The flow of thermal energy?

the flow of thermal energy

What is your reaction about thermal energy?

something about thermal energy

Is thermal is not a form of energy?

thermal is a form of energy.

What converts chemical energy to thermal energy?

chemical energy in batteries to thermal energy.

Is thermal energy stored energy?

No, thermal energy is the energy related to the temperature of something.

How is thermal energy and temperature same?

They are not the same. "Thermal energy" is the same as "heat".

Does a candle have thermal energy?

A candle has thermal energy because of it flames, the flames have heat and thermal energy is heat.

How are temperature and thermal energy alike?

If you increase temperature you increase thermal energy.If you double the amount you have the temperature does not change but the thermal energy does.Temperature and thermal energy are the same since they both use kinetic energy. Temperature uses the thermal energy when the heat measures the average of the kinetic energy. The thermal energy uses the kinetic energy, when it's averged together with the kinetic enery and the others to make the thermal energy.==========================Answer #2:Wow !Temperature is to thermal energy as depth is to water.

How are thermal energy and thermal pollution alike?

They are not related because thermal pollution harms but thermal energy helps.

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