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They are thirsty and your should get them a drink.

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Q: What is theta chi's secret word Gatorade mean?
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What does theta mean in normal distribution?

There is no particular meaning associated with theta - it will depend on the context.

What does theta sigma mean in Greek?

Theta means 't' or 'th' and sigma means 's'.

What does sin 4 theta equal?

assuming that you mean what is theta if sin 4 theta = 0 then then theta=0, 0.25pi, 0.5pi, 0.75pi... if not then without additional information the best answer you can get is sin4theta=sin4theta

What does sine theta mean?

Theta is just a Greek letter used to denote measurement of angle. Sine is a trigonometric function, i.e., the ratio of the side opposite to the angle theta to the hypotenuse of the triangle. So Sine theta means the value of sine function for angle theta, where theta is any angle.

Does lots of alpha-theta brain wave activity mean stressed or relaxed?

Lots of alpha-theta brain wave activity mean that you are relaxed. This is because alpha-theta brain activity occurs during the sleep cycle.

What does 'theta' mean?

'Theta' is a zero-looking Greek letter with a line across. It is used in physics and many mathematic equasions.

What does the duck mean to delta sigma theta?

What duck?

What does theta mean in greek?

"Theta" is a letter in the Greek alphabet. In fact, it is the eighth letter in the alphabet. It was originally derived from teth, a Hebrew letter.

What does the Iota Phi Theta phrase-acronym LIPTTDID mean?

If you really want to know, ask a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

What does a theta mean in math?

Theta is most often used to represent unknown angles, especially in the study of trigonometry. Theta represents an angle in degrees, but not in radians. --------------------------------------- Theta (θ) is a Greek letter, typically denoting an unknown angle. Depending on the context of the problem, it could be in degrees or radians.

What does xyou mean?

theta means u and any ways no such thing

How can you find the theta if the given is just the coefficient friction and the mass?

If by theta you mean the angle at the base of slope on which is the body laying, and you want to calculate minimal theta for which the blocks starts to slide: Let's first calculate: weight: Q = mg force normal to the slope: N = Q cos theta = mg cos theta force tangent to the slope: F = Q sin theta = mg sin theta force of friction: T = fN = fmg cos theta, where f is coefficient of friction The body will start to move downwards, when T = F, or: fmg cos theta = mg sin theta which after simplyfying becomes: f cos theta = sin theta, f = sin theta / cos theta f = tan theta Therefore, theta = arc tan f As you see, the angle only depends on friction coefficient f. (If that's not a problem you asked to be solved, edit your question please to precisely state what needs to be calculated)