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What is thr Repair cost for a head gasket 97 Saturn?


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It depends on what model you have for the 97 saturn. Look online at several places to compare prices.

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The only repair for a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

They only Head Gasket I had to replace was on a Chevy Malibu 1999. Cost me about $1400

How to replace head gasket on 05 3.4 monte carlo

It depends on if you have been driving it with a bad gasket. Most garages will have to send out the head to be tested to make sure it is not warped. I had a cracked head gasket but the head did not need to be machined. The repair cost me $750.

Head gasket repair for a 1999 Saab 9-5 3.0l.

The cost to repair this type of head gasket ranges from $20 to $180+. The price ranges based on store, brand and labor costs.

How much can cost repair to change head gasket Buick Rendezvous 2002

it will cost you 200 dollar if do it yourself

You do not repair a head gasket you replace it with a new gasket which requires removing the head.

Labor around 500.00 plus cost to repair head or replacement, plus gasket set (100.00-give or take)

How much to repair a head gasket for a 2002 dodge stratus

The exact cost to repair a blown head gasket on a Jeep Cherokee varies. It should run between 20 and 40 dollars.

Cost of gasket + cost of labor = your answer...call your local shop and ask.

Depends on where you live, who performs the repair, dealer or independant, and if the head is warped or cracked. The head gasket will for sure have to be replaced and then the problem that caused the head gasket to blow solved. It can cost as little as $800 to as much as $3,000.

It is not possible to repair the actual head gasket. Repair of a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

It will cost about 1000 dollars to about 1500 dollars to repair a blown head gasket depending on the type of vehicle you own. This can also vary by location and damage done to the vehicle.

You cannot and should not buy a used head gasket. If you have a blown head gasket you replace it with a new gasket. The gasket will cost very little. The labor to replace the gasket is where the cost is. Expect to pay from $500 to $1,000. This is a major repair that takes time.

In most cases it will cost in excess of Eight-Hundred dollars. It is an important repair to make, because if you keep driving with a bad head-gasket, you can cause SERIOUS damage.

There is only one way to replace a head gasket and it is never cheap. This is a major repair and 90% of the cost is labor.

No, the only permanent repair for a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket. Anything else is just an emergency repair.

the total cost to repair a blowen head gasket on a 96 cavalier is around $700-$800 total at most shops in onterio...........so good luck.........

The head gasket seals between the head and block. The head gasket is inside the engine, up high.

You cannot repair a blown head gasket, you must remove the heads and replace the gasket.

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