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What is thunder wood?

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What is a thunder wood tree?

To native Americans thunder wood is the wood from a tree that has been struck by lightning.

What 80's song has the words thunder and lightning in the chorus?

flet wood mac

What has the author H D Griffin written?

H. D. Griffin has written: 'Snow sampling survey near Northern Wood Preservers, Inc., Thunder Bay, 1992' -- subject(s): Air, Environmental aspects of Forest products industry, Forest products industry, Inc Northern Wood Preservers, Measurement, Pollution, Sampling, Snow, Snow surveys 'Air quality assessment, Thunder Bay Terminals Limited, Thunder Bay, 1990' -- subject(s): Air quality, Measurement, Thunder Bay Terminals Limited

Is thunder dangerous?

Yes thunder can be dangerous, but it depends how close you are to it. Thunder can damage your ears depending on how loud/close you are to it. Be careful to distinguish thunder from lightning, which are related but different. Lightening is the actual electrical discharge, and is dangerous because you can be electrocuted. Thunder is just the sound from to lightning, and so it could only hurt your ears if it is very loud (which is pretty unlikely). This is most likely to occur from a positive C-G strike since it contains up to 300 000 amperes which in return creates the loudest of thunder. Also thunder from these strikes have popped nails from wood and even crack windows.

What is mass noun of thunder?

Yes, the noun thunder is a mass noun. Multiples of thunder are expressed as the object of a preposition (a lot of thunder, claps of thunder, rolls of thunder, etc.), or using an adjective (loud thunder, rumbling thunder, deafening thunder, etc.)

What is the collective noun for 'thunder'?

The collective noun for thunder is a roll of thunder or rolls of thunder.The noun thunder is also used as a collective noun for a thunder of hippos.

What is a thunder slap?

A thunder "slap" does not exist. A thunder "clap" does. A thunder clap is the term given to the sound thunder is and makes.

Why does thunder rumble?

it is thunder

Which Beyblade is better thunder Libra or thunder Leone?

thunder leone

How does lightning affect thunder?

Lightening does not affect thunder, it causesthunder.

How did the Oklahoma City thunder get their name?

The names were suggested to the Thunder, and the Thunder ended up choosing the Thunder as their name.

Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder?

Lightning causes thunder

What do you call a crash of thunder?

Perhaps what you are looking for is a "clap" of thunder or a "roll" of thunder

Is the word thunder a action word?

No, thunder is a noun like feel my THUNDER.

Is thunder deadly?

No. Thunder is simply sound. Lightning, the cause of thunder, can be deadly.

What cause thunder?

Thunder is cause by

Is thunder electricity?

is thunder electricity

What is dry thunder?

Thunder that is not wet

Is thunder a gas?

No. Thunder is sound.

What is the Choctaw translation of the word 'thunder'?

The Choctaw terms for "thunder" are hilohah or tasah. A sharp clap of thunder is hilahah tusa.

Why is some thunder louder than other thunder?

You are probably nearer to the point of the thunder.

What is the symbolism in A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury?

the thunder of a dinosaur's roar and the thunder of gunfire

Why does thunder make a sound?

thunder does not make sound. thunder is the sound that lightning makes.

What is the word 'thunder' when translated into Japanese?

Kaminari is thunder, inazuma is lighting.

Why are thunder storms usually accompanied by lighting and thunder?

because its called a thunder storm