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That means to take notes.

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Q: What is tomar apuntes in spanish?
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What does the spanish word tomar mean in English?

Tomar usually means to take, like tomar apuntes means to take notes.

What does apuntes mean?

In spanish, apuntes is notes.

How do you say some notebooks in spanish?

'Some notebooks' in Spanish is 'algunos portátiles.' el cadern

What does tomo Apuntes mean?

"Tomo apuntes" in Spanish means "I take notes" in English.

How do you say yes I take notes in Spanish?

Sí, hago apuntes.

Spanish word for take?


How do you say to take in Spanish?

Answer: Tomar

How do you say to someone off in spanish?


What does take mean in spanish?

To take is "Tomar."

What does tomar mean in spanish?

To take or to have a drink

What is 'Puedo tomar mi libro' when translated from Spanish to English?

tomar mi libro - take my book

What is hey do you have your Spanish notes from Spanish class in Spanish?

Oye, ¿Tienes tus apuntes en español de esta misma materia?