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pounds-feet (or foot-pounds) or newton-meters

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Q: What is torque measured in?
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Why torque measure in percent?

Torque is not measured as a percentage.

Is torque measured with a dynamometer?


How is power measured in an engine?

Power is measured in both torque and horsepower.

What is a torque in car?

Torque in a car, or any engine, is a force. Measured in newton metres in the SI system

What is the explanation for the units used to measure torque?

Torque is defined as force in perpendicular direction. It is measured in Newton.

What is torque percent in electrical motor and unit of torque?

In SI, torque is measured in newton metres (N.m). The percentage torque varies according to the design and specifications of a motor.

What is a linear torque curve?

A torque curve is a plot of torque produced vs RPM, as measured on a dynamometer. It usually is not linear (a straight line).

How much torque does a polaris sportsman 800 have?

The Polaris Sportsmen 800 has 120 pounds of engine torque. The torque is measured at the flywheel. There is only 100 pounds of torque at the ground.

How do i calculate the torque of an engine?

Torque is defined as force multiplied by the distance, from the axis of rotation, at which such as force is applied.In the case of an engine, I believe the torque would have to be measured.

The torque output of an engine is usually measured in the units of what?

Foot Pounds

What is torque of an car engine?

the bottom part of the car is it A: Torque is grunt, the pulling power of the engine, measured in Horse power.

How do you calculate wheel torque?

The wheel torque is the linear force multiplied by the radius of the wheel. If the linear force is in Newtons and the radius is in metres, the torque is then measured in Newton-metres.

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