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What is trans sexuality surgery?


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When a boy turns into a girl they have their junk cut off or a girl turns into a boy and gets junk of their own


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Hourou Musuko seems to deal with Trans-sexuality seriously.

Transgender people can be any sexuality that cisgender people are.

depends on if they choose to have bottom surgery or not

Yes, if they haven't had gender reassignment surgery.

Gain a lot of weight, have a trans-sexual surgery, or get a boob job.

Yes, if they decides to get sex reassignment surgery or use a prosthesis.

George Jorgenson had a successful gender reassignment surgery in 1953

"T" means trans-gender, meaning an individual who has undergone a sex change surgery.

I am transgender female and I was born with a penis. Assuming that you understand a trans woman is a male to female transsexual. Before they have Genital Reassignment Surgery trans women have the penis that they are born with. After the surgery the tissue from the penis has been used to create a neovagina that looks and functions just as a natal females vagina. It takes an expert to recognize the difference. Trans women do not have periods and cannot get pregnant, they do not have a uterus.

Yes, many trans ladies can store their sperm before sex reassignment surgery to use later.

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No,not techinally. When you are a full trans boy or girl, you are not classified as gay. If you are a FtM, and are interested in boys afterwards, then yes, you are classified as gay or bisexual, since you are now a boy. On the other hand, if youre a MtF, and find interest in girls, you may be either rbisexual, or lesbian, due to that now you are a female.

The best kind of post surgery diets consist of low saturated and trans-fat foods, as well as foods low in cholesterol. Eating fish, whole grain foods as well as fruits and vegetables are the most important and basic aspects of dieting after heart surgery.


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Trans Flap surgery is a cosmetic procedure usually performed on women who have had their breast removed due to Breast Cancer. A fatty portion of the abdomen is removed and sewn in leau of the absent breast. A nipple is then tattood on.

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