What is triple fusion?

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What is the product of triple fusion in angiosperm?

The product of triple fusion is an endosperm which is formed as a result of fusion of two polar nuclei with a male gamete during the process of double fertilization in angiosperms.

What is triple fertilization?

Double fertilization + syngamy occurring in angiosperms is called triple fusion.

Where does the endosperm come from in a plant and what is its purpose?

The endosperm in Angiosperms come from the triple fusion in the embryo sac. The purpose of endosperm is to nourish the developing embryo and in monocots to provide nourishment upto seedling formation. The triple fusion is brought about by the fusion of two polar nuclei of embryo sac with one male gamete.

What is triple fusion.Describe the process of fertilization in an angiosperm plant?

During fertilisation in plants, one male gamete fuses with the egg cell and forms the zygote (this process is called syngamy). The other male gamete fuses with the secondary nucleus (this is called triple fusion). The syngamy and triple fusion together are called double fertilization.

When does a new nuclear membrane start to form?

After the triple cores melted during nuclear fusion

Is the primary endosperm nucleus haploid or diploid?

I am sure it is (3n).This is because In angiosperms most common type of embryo sac formation, there is fusion of 1 sperm nuclei + 2 polar nuclei=triple fusion resulting in a triploid primary endosperm nuclues.

What is the difference between syngamy and fertilisation?

Female gametes contain 3 gametes one is egg and two other are antipodal cells. male gametes have two cells . One cell fuse with one egg cell which is called fertilization and other one male cell fuse with other two antipodal cells which is called triple fusion. syngamy is the sum of fertilization and triple fusion

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Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.

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Fusion is a type of

Which is stronger potara or fusion?


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Yes you can. Obviously Fusion Recovery must target a Polymerization, not Dark Fusion.

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How can temperature either help fusion to occur or prevent fusion from occurring?

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What is Cytoplasmic fusion a fusion of?

Fungi reproduction

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The energy of the Sun is produced by nuclear fusion - the fusion of hydrogen into helium.

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A word with no meaning like "de-fusion" cannot be defined.

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if you have the necessary cards (fusion materials) in your hand to fusion summon yes, since fusion monsters have their own deck area.

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Fusion reactions are not limitless. The fusion process can exhaust the supply of fuel and cause fusion to stop. Additionally, there are fusion processes that are not exothermic, but are endothermic and require energy to be put in to sustain them. Without the requisite input energy, fusion ceases.