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Trucizna in polish means poison... impossible to know which kind of poison has been used.


The poison most likely used here would be morphine,there is a chance it could be Heroin but morphine would be the most likely.200mg is the minimum lethal dose to kill an opiate naive patient,i.e. someone who does not use morphine regularly and has built up a tolerance,though doses of 60mg can kill in cases of hypersensitivity .The patient would become unconscious within a few minutes,the drug would the suppress their respiration and they would die from asphyxia.There would be no distress to the patient as they are unconscious and unaware that their breathing has stopped.Heroin would have the same effects.Morphine can be taken orally as seen here.

There are other drugs they could have used but many would take either longer to kill or cause the patient distress.

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