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It probably just means a big or thick penis

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most likely but it depends why you like it

it mean that he like penis

That he thinks you would like a necklace witha turtle on it.

dude, idk but mine is lookin odd too. i mean, deres nothing u cn do anyway

The only definition I'm aware of is to stuff something like a sock down there to make your penis look bigger

sorry you have a tini turtle there mate.

The turtle won't dance like that, Tim!

If you mean "put his penis" there isn't any real answer. That would be like asking where do you put your hand?

Do you like penis in Spanish.

When a dog has a full erection his penis becomes a lot larger than when non-erect. It may just look swollen to you.

A terrapin is simply a fresh water turtle. Because they swim, they typically have flatter shells than a tortoise (which has a dome shape). "Turtle" is often confused for three different things, tortoises, sea turtles, and fresh water turtles, so there are sometimes alternate names to help distinguish them. Calling a tortoise a turtle is just plain incorrect, but turtle could mean either sea turtle or fresh water turtle. Calling a fresh water turtle a "terrapin" helps this confusion.

it means that the turtle has a tail

She is mean to Turtle because she favors Angela

The turtleâ??s spine that runs through the entire body is attached to the shell. That would mean for the turtle to leave the shell, the spine would have to be torn out because itâ??s attached to the shell. Underneath the shell lays solid body of bones where the turtle body has very little movement.

My peanis it not like burn burn but how can I get rid of it

If you mean do they urinate out of their anus then the answer is obviously no, they urinate from their penis just like human males. The penis is a bit lower than their anus and normally retracted inside so you can't see it - you may see it when they are washing if you care to look.

To have a large penis. Like a horse, about 2 feet long and the diameter of a pop can.

You like elephant lol i dk but i want one with turtle

I need clarification, did you mean a "baby penis" i.e. micro-penis, or "baby's penis".

Turtle means creative and fun.

Do you mean TURTLE? If so, turtle = Laumei.

to flip a turtle upside down

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