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What is twin lightning?

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It is when to lightning thingys are the same and hit the ground at the same time.

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What are the 4 types of lightning?

Cloud-to-ground lightningGround-to-cloud lightningCloud-to-cloud lightningDry lightningRocket lightningPositive lightningBall lightningUpper-atmospheric lightning

Why are there different lightning types?

There are different types of lightning depending on how the lightning reflects off the clouds. There is normal lightning, sheet lightning, heat lightning, ball lightning, red sprite lightning, and blue jet lightning.

What are various types of lightning?

There are several types of lightning:Cloud-to-ground lightning which includes bead lightning, ribbon lightning, Ssaccato lightning and forked lightningGround-to-cloud lightningCloud-to-cloud lightning which includes sheet lightning and heat lightningDry lightningRocket lightningPositive lightningBall lightningUpper-atmospheric lightning with exotic names like sprites, Bbue jets and elvesand there is more but i cant remember, go to wikipedia

What kinds of lightning are there?

The kinds of lightning include:bolt of lightningchain lightningforked lightningheat lightningsheet lightingthunderbolt

What do you call Lightning that appears as a single long line?

A lightning bolt A lightning leader A lightning strike A lightning stroke

Why is lightning red?

Lightning is not red - lightning is white.

What are two prime numbers called that differ by two?

Twin primes.Twin primes.Twin primes.Twin primes.

What a lightning rob does?

It is called a lightning rod and it protects buildings from lightning by guiding the lightning into the ground.

Is keke palmer a twin?

No, she is not a twin. But she has a younger sister who is a twin.

What is the difference between sheet lightning and a lightning bolt?

the sheet lightning is more mild then the ball lightning

What is the rarest kind of lightning?

Globe (or ball) lightning is the rarest lightning.

What is the homonym for lightning?

the homonyn for lightning is lightening the homonyn for lightning is lightening

How is sheet lightning different than lightning strikes?

Sheet lightning is Cloud to Cloud where Lightning is Cloud to Ground.

Where is the Twin Groves Branch Library in Twin Groves located?

The address of the Twin Groves Branch Library is: 10 Twin Groves, Twin Groves, 72039 M

Can you list me all of lightning jutsu in naruto shippuden?

10-Hit Combo Black Lightning Chidori Chidori Blade (Game) Chidori Breaker Chidori Current Chidori Rush Chidori Senbon Chidori Sharp Spear Chidori Sword Chidori: Raku Chidori: Thunder Chidori: Thunderclap Coming of the Lightning Fire Phoenix Technique Copy Ninjutsu Cursed Strength Discharge Lightning Calamity Technique Earth Grudge Final Shot Elbow Fangs of Lightning Fist Slam Guillotine Drop Important Body Points Disturbance Kirin Landmine Lance-ification Technique Legend of the White Fang Liger Bomb Lightning Ball Lightning Beast Running Technique Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning Lightning Chidori Cutter Lightning Cutter Lightning Cutter Combo Lightning Cutter One Flash Lightning Cutter: Double Lightning Quake Lightning Destruction Lightning Double Cutter Lightning Dragon Tornado Lightning Hack Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar Lightning Lion Combo Lightning Oppression Horizontal Lightning Release Armour Lightning Release Body Flicker Lightning Release Shadow Clone Lightning Release: Black Panther Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder Lightning Release: False Darkness Lightning Release: Flying Thunder God Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind

Can someone that's not a twin have twins with a partner that's mother is a twin?

You don't have to be a twin to give birth to a twin, neither does your partner, the fact that one is or isn't a twin is irrelevant. So yes, someone that's not a twin can have twins with a partner that's mother is a twin.

Is Kiefer Sutherland a twin?

No, Kiefer Sutherland is not a twin.

Does Keke Palmer have a twin sister?

She doesn't have a twin sister. But she has a sister, who is a twin.

What is the spanish word for twin?

Gemelo/a (Identical twin) Mellizo/a (fraternal twin)

What was the p-38 lighning?

The P-38 Lightning was a twin-engined, twin-boomed monplane. It was designed in the late '30's by Kelly Turner and the Lockheed corporation for the U.S.'s WWII effort. It was fast, and had good performance at altitude, but it was often out-manuevered by lighter single engine fighters. Hope this helps.

What is the difference between lightning and heat lightning?

Nothing. Heat lightning is just lightning too far away to be heard.

What type of lightning is heat lightning?

Heat lightning is just ordinary lightning that is too far away for you to hear the thunder.

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