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identical twins, as opposed to fraternal.

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What are babies born to the same mother at the same time called?

Twins Also, they are called identical twins if they come from the same egg

What are twins formed from the same zygote?

Twins that are formed from one zygote are called identical twins. Those that are formed from two zygotes are called fraternal twins.

Are twins genetically the same?

Answer If the twins are formed from the same egg cell (identical twins), then they are genetically the same, but if they are formed by two different eggs each fertilized individually by two different sperm(fraternal twins), then they can be genetically different and usually are.

How are identical twins genetically from fraternal twins?

Identical twins are genetically the same, because they come from the same fertilized egg/sperm cell zygote, which happens to split into two viable zygotes. Fraternal twins, however, come from two different egg/sperm cell zygotes, that are concurrently fertilized and remain viable.

What is it call when twins are fertilized into two separate cells?

Dizygotic twins. If they were fertilized in the same egg, they would be called monozygotic twins.

What are 2 babies born at the same time called?

Two babies born at the same time are called twins.

What is a heterzygote?

It means "from a different egg". It is generally used to describe non-identical twins who formed embryos from 2 or more different egg cells. Identical twins are called monozygote as they separated from the same fertilized egg cell.

Can boy and girl be identical twins?

No. In order for them to be identical they needed to start off as the same cell and divide so at first their DNA is identical meaning they have the same sex. During development slight changes may occur but the sex always stays the same. Boy-girl twins are always two different cells meaning that they are not identical. The term for boy-girl twins is furturnal. You can however have boy-boy twins and girl-girl twins that are not identical and they are also called furternal. So basically, identical twins start off as one cell that divides and furternal are two individual cells. There is polar body twinning, that's when the egg splits before fertilization, and that can cause a male and a female. This is called semi identical twins or half twins. They share 75% of their genetic markers.

What is it called when twins are different genders?

Fraternal twins. Fraternal twins can be the same gender too, but since they are produced from two eggs from the mother, they are not identical.

What are fraternal twins called when they have different fathers?

If it is in the same menstrual cycle, it is called superfecundation. If it is later in the pregnancy it is called superfetation. They would still be fraternal twins even with different fathers (that is, half-siblings). This is known as heteropaternal superfecundation. More unusual are "semi-identical twins". These "half-identical twins" are hypothesized to occur when an unfertilized egg cleaves into two identical attached ova and which are viable for fertilization. Both cloned ova are then fertilized by different sperm and the coalesced eggs undergo further cell duplications developing as a chimeric blastomere. If this blastomere then undergoes a twinning event, two embryos will be formed, each of which have different paternal genes and identical maternal genes. More interesting is what the mother of these types of twins would be called.

What is it called if your friend was born on the same day as you at the same time?

Sister from another MR ..Or Brother from another Mother;DD ( distant twins ) or earth twins.

How do two identical twins develop in a female?

Answer 1) The cell splits , and divides into two babies , and because they have the same cell in them , they are identicle ~Dayna

What is an animal's cell type?

It is called a eukaryotic cell, and plants have the same cell.

Are fraternal twins identical?

No that's why theyre called fraternal twins. Identical twins are identical (share the exact same genes) while fraternal twins are as similar to each other as normal siblings are.

What extraterrestrial planets are called twins?

Earth and Venus are nearly the same size.

What is the difference between dizygotic twins and monozygotic twins?

Dizygotic twins develop from two separate ova fertilized by different sperm at roughly the same time, they are also called fraternal twins. Monozygotic twins develop from one zygote that splits apart producing genetically identical zygotes; also called identical twins.

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