What is un-uniform speed?

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Q: What is un-uniform speed?
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Ununiform speed means what?

The term normally used is not "ununiform", but "non-uniform". That simply means that speed is NOT uniform - in other words, it changes over time.

Garden soil and potato salad are two examples of what kind of mixtures?

heterogeneous mixture. because they are ununiform mixtures, you can see the different components of both the garden soil and potato salad.

How fast something travels 5 letters?

the answer is speed

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Is instantaneous speed final speed?

No instantaneous speed is not final speed.

If the speed of an object does not change the object is traveling at what speed?

there's four speed. There are constant speed, average speed, increasing speed, and decreasing speed. choose one of them

As a ball rolls down a hill which increases speed or acceleration?

The speed will increase.The speed will increase.The speed will increase.The speed will increase.

What happensto the speed of an object if a unbalanced force acts on it?

Then the speed will change.Then the speed will change.Then the speed will change.Then the speed will change.

On Brain Age 2 what are the speeds you can get?

Walking speed Bicycle speed Automobile speed Train speed Airplane speed Rocket speed

Light speed is a time or speed?

Perhaps coincidentally, the phrase "light speed" refers to a speed.It is a speed.

How do you speed up download speed?

how i can speed speed download in my computer pleas

What is the difference between instantaneous speed and speed?

Instantaneous speed is speed measured at a specific time. Speed is an average.

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