What is unguis?

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commonly known as a fingernail or toenail.

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What is the medical term meaning unguis?

Unguis is the medical term meaning nail.

What body part does the medical root word unguis refer to?

The medical root word 'unguis' refers to the nail.

What is the translation of claw in Latin?


How do you say tooth and nail in latin?

I think it might be 'dentis quod unguis' although I have no formal education in Latin.

What is an ancient roman thing that starts with a U?

Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some Latin words that start with u are: unguis, a finger or toe nail, ungula, a hoof or claw, ursa, a she-bear, and uxor, a wife.Some ancient Roman things that start with the letter u are uxor, meaning wife, ursus, meaning bear and urbs, meaning a walled city. Take a peek at a Latin dictionary and you will find pages of u words.

What is the medical term meaning fingernail or toenail?

the medical term for nail is unguis (UNG-gwis); (plural: ungues)onyx is the technical term

What is another word for unquis?

Unquis is not a word, but unguis is a nail, claw, or hoof in animals, or a base of a flower petal that looks like a claw.

What is the medical term meaning ingrown toenail?

Onychocryptosis is the medical term meaning ingrown nail.Unguis Incarnatus, Onyxis, or Onychocryptosisonychocryptosis

What is the Latin word for claw?

unguis, is (m) -- of a bird. ungula, ae (f) -- of a crab.The Latin equivalent of the English noun 'claw' is unguis. The Latin word is a masculine gender noun that means 'a finger or toe nail' of humans and 'a claw or hoof' of animals. But the Latin equivalent of the claw of a crab or of a nautilus is bracchium, which literally means 'the forearm'.

What is the Medical terminology combining form meaning nail?

Onycho- is the medical terminology combining form meaning nail. The medical term for nail is unguis.

What are synonyms for claw?

The Synonyms for CLAW are:barbcant hookclapperclaw crookfangfingernailgrapnelgrapplerhookmanusnail clawnipperpawpincerretractile spurtalontentacleunguisungula

What are some six letter words with 3rd letter G and 5th letter I and 6th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 3 words with the pattern --G-IS. That is, six letter words with 3rd letter G and 5th letter I and 6th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: haggis pagris unguis

What are some six letter words with 4th letter U and 5th letter I and 6th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 6 words with the pattern ---UIS. That is, six letter words with 4th letter U and 5th letter I and 6th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: appuis ennuis maquis rahuis tenuis unguis

What are some six letter words with 2nd letter N and 3rd letter G and 5th letter I and 6th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern -NG-IS. That is, six letter words with 2nd letter N and 3rd letter G and 5th letter I and 6th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: unguis

What are some six letter words with 2nd letter N and 4th letter U and 6th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 15 words with the pattern -N-U-S. That is, six letter words with 2nd letter N and 4th letter U and 6th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: annuls endues ennuis ensues incurs indues inputs inruns knaurs knouts oniums snouts ungues unguis ungums

What is the definition of nail body?

A nail is a horn-like envelope covering the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanges of fingers and toes in humans, most non-human primates, and a few other mammals. Nails are similar to claws in other animals. Fingernails and toenails are made of a tough protein called keratin, as are animals' hooves and horns. The mammalian nail, claw, and hoof are all examples of unguis [plural ungues]. Human anatomy The nail consists of the nail plate, the nail matrix and the nail bed below it, and the grooves surrounding it.

Can some one please give me 10 native Bermuda flora?

ok here goes Carica papaya. Pawpaw. Originally from southern Mexico and Costa Rica, widely grown on the tropics and sub tropics. It was first brought here on the immigrant ship Edwin in 1616. It is much smaller than a papaya but a member of the same family. Very common. In old Bermuda, the juice of the green fruit was used at home to treat ringworm and warts, or to make meat more tender (sold under the name of papain). Now it is cooked as a vegetable, or eaten raw when ripe (then a yellow orange color). It is also a good source of vitamin C. Most paw paws grow to less than one pound in weight, but occasionally can be over five pounds. Seeds can be saved and planted as new trees. Some grow wild. Carnation Carpobrotus chilensis. Ice plant or tea fig. Known in places as Hottentot fig. Succulent perennial ground cover. Very common as such. Introduced, naturalized in Bermuda, Pacific and central coast of America ,Mexico, Chile, etc. but despite the name originally from South Africa Long. fleshy triangular leaves and deep pink, daisy-like flowers. Cassia siamea. Popcorn Tree. Not native or common. Cassia sp(Golden Shower). A good host plant for caterpillars and their butterflies (Cloudless Sulphur). Cassine laneana, syn. Elaeodendron labeanum. Bermuda Olivewood. Endemic, an evergreen with leathery, dark green leaves, growing from 25 to 40 feet high. Its formal, perfectly rounded profile in maturity make it an ideal specimen tree for a formal garden. Clusters of attractive small yellowish-white flowers are seen in late winter or spring. It is slow-growing but can live to a great age. It is found growing naturally on rocky hillsides. A source of tannin. It does not do well in salt spray. Casuarina equisitifolia. (Horsetail Tree, Australian Pine). Introduced in the 1940s and 1950s from Australia as windbreaks to replace the Bermuda Cedar. But highly aggressive and invasive, with prickles. Nothing can grow underneath. Cat's Claw Vine. (Macfadyena unguis-cati). Named after a Scottish botanist. A native of Mexico, West Indies and Argentina. Often looks spectacular, blankets walls or climbs up trees and flowers in April. An evergreen vine with woody stems and large bell-shaped flowers, bright yellow. Celosia Celtis laevigata. Southern Hackberry. Non-endemic, native. An elm-like deciduous tree growing to 35 feet. Cedrela odorata. Tropical Cedar. Not common. Centaurea Century Plant (Agave spp). Native to tropical America, introduced to Bermuda from Mexico. Popular throughout Bermuda in gardens, on the roadside and in hotel properties. Many types grow here, including Agave americana, A. attenuata and A. sisalana. Known for their form, size and symmetry. Chiococca bermudiana. Endemic. Otherwise known as Bermuda snowberry. Shrub. Outside Bermuda, only at Kew Gardens in south west London. Christmas Cactus. In the Cactaceae or cactus family. Common. Chrysanthemum Cichorium intybus. Chicory. Also known as wild succory and blue sailors. Native to Europe. Grows wild. Edible but bitter, a salad green. Citharexylum spinosum. Fiddlewood. Originally from Tropical America to Argentina. Introduced by Archdeacon Spencer and planted in 1830 at Paynter's Vale Castle Harbour). It grows to about 50 feet high. Small, white and fragrant flowers cover the tree periodically. Can be damaged in windstorms. CinerariaCinnamomum camphora. Camphor Tree. Lovely in Bermuda, with a round-headed shape and medium green leaves that when new are red and pretty. A good specimen is in the middle of the Sensory Garden of the Botanical Gardens. But no botanicals are made here from it. Clematis flammula. Clematis. A vigorous, weedy vine, noticed mainly when it flowers and fruits, generally in September. Flowers are scented. Clerodendrum. Native of Java. Several of more than 400 species grow, including the bleeding glory bower (C. thompsoniae), scarlet glory (C. splendens), prickly myrtle (C. aculeatum). Coccoloba uvifera. Bay Grape. Non-endemic, native. A spreading coastal tree growing to 30 feet. Common, growing wild or as a part of hedges. It has large round waxy leaves turning reddish before they fall. Berries ripen from October to December. Edible, made into jams and preserves. Some people clip them to look like a hedge. Cochineal Cactus. In the Cactaceae or cactus family. Cochlospermum vitifolium. Forest Peach. Not common. Cocktail Plant. Psidium friedrichstahlianum. Coconut. Does not grow as well as coconut 900 miles south in the Caribbean. Codiaeum variegatum. Croton. Prolific. Can be six feet high, grown for striking colorful foliage. Flowers bloom in spring. Coffea arabica. Coffee, grown in Bermuda for home use, not commercially. Introduced about 1750. Coffea canephora. Coffee, grown in Bermuda for home use, not commercially. Introduced

Ingrown toenail?

DefinitionAn ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail grows down and into the skin of the toe. There may be pain, redness, and swelling around the nail.Alternative NamesOnychocryptosis; Unguis incarnatus; Nail avlusion; Matrix excisionCauses, incidence, and risk factorsAn ingrown toenail can result from a number of things, but poorly fitting shoes and toenails that are not trimmed properly are the most common causes. The skin along the edge of a toenail may become red and infected. The great toe is usually affected, but any toenail can become ingrown.Ingrown toenails may occur when extra pressure is placed on your toe. Most commonly, this pressure is caused by shoes that are too tight or too loose. If you walk often or participate in athletics, a shoe that is even a little tight can cause this problem. Some deformities of the foot or toes can also place extra pressure on the toe.Nails that are not trimmed properly can also cause ingrown toenails.When your toenails are trimmed too short or the edges are rounded rather than cut straight across, the nail may curl downward and grow into the skin.Poor eyesight and physical inability to reach the toe easily, as well as having thick nails, can make improper trimming of the nails more likely.Picking or tearing at the corners of the nails can also cause an ingrown toenail.Some people are born with nails that are curved and tend to grow downward. Others have toenails that are too large for their toes. Stubbing your toe or other injuries can also lead to an ingrown toenail.Signs and testsAn examination of the foot will show the following:Skin along the edge of the nail will appear to be growing over the nail, or the nail may seem to be growing underneath the skin.Skin may be swollen, firm, red, or tender to touch. At times, there may be a small amount of pus present.Tests or x-rays are usually not needed.TreatmentIf you have diabetes, nerve damage in the leg or foot, poor blood circulation to your foot, or an infection around the nail, go to the doctor right away. Do NOT try to treat this problem at home.To treat an ingrown nail at home:Soak the foot in warm water 3 to 4 times a day if possible. Keep the toe dry, otherwise.Gently massage over the inflamed skin.Place a small piece of cotton or dental floss under the nail. Wet the cotton with water or antiseptic.You may trim the toenail one time, if needed. When trimming your toenails:Consider briefly soaking your foot in warm water to soften the nail.Use a clean, sharp trimmer.Trim toenails straight across the top. Do not taper or round the corners or trim too short. Do not try to cut out the ingrown portion of the nail yourself. This will only make the problem worse.Consider wearing sandals until the problem has gone away. Over-the-counter medications that are placed over the ingrown toenail may help some with the pain but do not treat the problem.If this does not work and the ingrown nail gets worse, see your family doctor, a foot specialist (podiatrist) or a skin specialist (dermatologist).If your ingrown nail does not heal or keeps coming back, your doctor may remove part of the nail.Numbing medicine is first injected into the toe.Using scissors, your doctor then cuts along the edge of the nail where the skin is growing over. This portion of the nail is then removed. This is called a partial nail avulsion.It will take 2 to 4 months for the nail to regrow.Sometimes your doctor will use a chemical, electrical current, or another small surgical cut to destroy or remove the area from which a new nail may grow.If the toe is infected, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.Expectations (prognosis)Treatment will generally control the infection and relieve pain. However, the condition is likely to return if measures to prevent it are not taken. Good foot care is important to prevent recurrence.This condition may become serious in people with diabetes, poor circulation, and nerve problems (peripheral neuropathies).ComplicationsIn severe cases, the infection may spread through the toe and into the bone.Calling your health care providerCall your health care provider if you:Are unable to trim an ingrown toenailHave severe pain, redness, swelling, or feverIf you have diabetes, nerve damage in the leg or foot, poor blood circulation to your foot, or an infection around the nail, your risk for complications is higher. If you have diabetes, see your health care provider.PreventionWear shoes that fit properly. Shoes that you wear every day should have plenty of room around your toes. Shoes that you wear for walking briskly or for running should have plenty of room also, but not be too loose.When trimming your toenails:Considering briefly soaking your foot in warm water to soften the nail.Use a clean, sharp nail trimmer.Trim toenails straight across the top. Do not taper or round the corners or trim too short.Do not pick or tear at the nails.Keep the feet clean and dry. People with diabetes should have routine foot exams and nail care.ReferencesHeidelbaugh JJ, Lee H. Management of the ingrown toenail. Am Fam Physician. 2009;79(4):303-8.Richardson EG. Disorders of the nails and skin. In: Canale ST, Beaty JH, eds. Campbell's Operative Orthopedics. 11th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Mosby Elsevier; 2007:chap 84.

What Scrabble words end in is?

2-letter wordsis3-letter wordsais, bis, cis, his, lis, mis, pis, sis, tis, vis, wis, xis4-letter wordsamis, anis, axis, bris, chis, cris, dais, egis, ghis, ibis, iris, iwis, khis, kris, leis, obis, phis, pois, psis, reis, seis, skis, sris, this, tuis, ywis5-letter wordsabris, aegis, antis, aphis, apsis, arris, arsis, aspis, auris, basis, cadis, cedis, cutis, defis, delis, etuis, finis, fujis, gadis, hafis, hajis, impis, intis, kadis, kakis, kepis, kiwis, lapis, laris, lenis, lewis, lexis, loris, louis, lweis, lysis, mavis, maxis, metis, midis, minis, mitis, nabis, naris, nazis, oasis, ornis, orris, padis, paris, pavis, penis, peris, pilis, polis, pubis, pulis, puris, pyxis, quais, ragis, rakis, ranis, sadis, sakis, saris, satis, semis, shris, sylis, tamis, tapis, taxis, tikis, tipis, titis, topis, trois, unais, wadis, yagis, yetis, yogis, yonis, zitis, zoris6-letter wordsaaliis, abatis, adonis, aiolis, alibis, animis, assais, bennis, bialis, bindis, blinis, boccis, brewis, caddis, capris, cassis, caulis, cercis, clevis, coatis, corgis, crasis, cullis, cuspis, cyesis, dashis, debris, dermis, derris, dhobis, dhotis, dhutis, diesis, ecesis, elemis, emesis, ennuis, enosis, envois, fermis, follis, fortis, gaddis, ghazis, glacis, gnosis, gratis, hadjis, haggis, hajjis, houris, hubris, hybris, indris, iritis, kanjis, kauris, kermis, khadis, khakis, kibeis, koumis, krubis, kukris, lanais, lathis, lichis, lungis, mantis, maquis, miosis, morris, muftis, myasis, myosis, nereis, noesis, okapis, orchis, oribis, otitis, oxalis, palais, parvis, pastis, patois, pelvis, pennis, phasis, physis, poleis, pooris, praxis, precis, ptosis, pyosis, rabbis, rachis, raphis, salmis, sepsis, serais, shojis, spahis, stasis, sushis, swamis, tabbis, tennis, tenuis, terais, testis, thesis, tmesis, tsadis, tsoris, tsuris, tussis, tuttis, tzuris, unguis, uraris, vermis, whosis, zombis7-letter wordsabattis, abiosis, agoutis, alfakis, alkalis, ambaris, aphesis, argalis, ascaris, ascesis, asepsis, askesis, auxesis, banzais, bhaktis, bikinis, bonacis, borzois, bubalis, buzukis, chablis, challis, chamois, chassis, chichis, classis, colitis, coxitis, croquis, curaris, dalasis, degamis, dhootis, ecdysis, ectasis, entasis, finalis, gaposis, genesis, gharris, ghiblis, glottis, gomutis, grigris, hegaris, ileitis, kabikis, kabukis, kenosis, ketosis, kimchis, kinesis, lazulis, litchis, lungyis, lychnis, marquis, meiosis, miladis, milreis, mimesis, mitosis, mueslis, mycosis, myiasis, nemesis, nerolis, nilgais, octrois, ooralis, osmosis, ostosis, ouraris, ourebis, paresis, petsais, pyrosis, renvois, rhachis, rumakis, safaris, salamis, salukis, sandhis, sanseis, satoris, shamois, shantis, sherris, skepsis, sorosis, souaris, stypsis, sycosis, synesis, tabulis, tahinis, tamaris, tatamis, telesis, travois, trellis, tsooris, tuladis, turkois, tzitzis, uveitis, virosis, wakikis, wapitis, wasabis, whoosis, xerosis, yanquis, yoginis, zaikais, zygosis, zymosis8-letter wordsacidosis, adenitis, adenosis, adiposis, afghanis, agenesis, alfaquis, alphosis, amitosis, anabasis, analysis, anemosis, anthesis, anuresis, apoapsis, apodosis, apomixis, assagais, assegais, basenjis, biolysis, botrytis, brocolis, bursitis, cannabis, carditis, cathexis, centesis, chapatis, charpais, charquis, clematis, clitoris, colpitis, coniosis, cyanosis, cyclosis, cystitis, dashikis, dialysis, dieresis, diplosis, diuresis, eclipsis, effendis, ellipsis, emphasis, enuresis, epitasis, esthesis, eucharis, exegesis, fetialis, fibrosis, flokatis, geotaxis, gingelis, gingilis, gouramis, gracilis, guaranis, gummosis, haplosis, hautbois, havartis, hexereis, hibachis, hidrosis, hypnosis, imprimis, kolbasis, kurtosis, kyphosis, lecythis, leukosis, lordosis, mammitis, martinis, mastitis, mephitis, meticais, metritis, myelitis, myositis, myosotis, narcosis, necrosis, negronis, neuritis, neurosis, nilghais, notornis, nylghais, orchitis, origamis, osteitis, osteosis, ovaritis, pahlavis, panmixis, peccavis, penuchis, phimosis, phylaxis, phylesis, pignolis, propolis, protasis, psilosis, pycnosis, pyelitis, pyknosis, quillais, rabbonis, rachitis, raviolis, rhinitis, samurais, sashimis, semiosis, shikaris, spumonis, stenosis, subcutis, suffaris, synapsis, syndesis, synopsis, syphilis, taboulis, teniasis, thelitis, tortonis, tripolis, tsunamis, turfskis, turquois, uvulitis, venturis, virelais, vulvitis, wooralis, wooraris, zoonosis9-letter wordsacariasis, acropolis, aepyornis, alkalosis, allantois, amaryllis, amaurosis, ambergris, amebiasis, anacrusis, anamnesis, ankylosis, apheresis, apophysis, arteritis, arthritis, arthrosis, asynapsis, autolysis, beriberis, bourgeois, bousoukis, bouzoukis, broccolis, calamaris, cantharis, caryopsis, catalexis, catalysis, catharsis, chapattis, chappatis, chigetais, chlorosis, chrysalis, cirrhosis, coreopsis, corydalis, cytolysis, daiquiris, diaeresis, diagnosis, diaphysis, diathesis, digitalis, doupionis, endomixis, enteritis, ephemeris, epidermis, epiphysis, exodermis, exostosis, fluorosis, franglais, gastritis, gingellis, gingillis, glossitis, halitosis, hemolysis, hepatitis, heterosis, homolysis, hydroskis, hypotaxis, katharsis, keratitis, keratosis, kirigamis, kolbassis, laminitis, linguinis, lipolysis, lithiasis, macaronis, maharanis, malihinis, maravedis, mariachis, mydriasis, nephritis, nephrosis, oogenesis, ovotestis, pachoulis, paralysis, parataxis, parchesis, parotitis, pastramis, pastromis, peperonis, pertussis, phlebitis, proboscis, prognosis, prolepsis, proptosis, prothesis, psoriasis, psychosis, pyrolysis, retinitis, rigatonis, sannyasis, sclerosis, scoliosis, shanghais, silicosis, sinusitis, souvlakis, sukiyakis, syllepsis, symbiosis, symphysis, syneresis, synizesis, synovitis, synthesis, taeniasis, telotaxis, teocallis, teriyakis, toxicosis, vaginitis, verdigris, vibriosis, yakitoris, zucchinis

What are words that that begin with the letter u?

2-letter wordsuh, um, un, up, us, ut3-letter wordsudo, ugh, uke, ulu, umm, ump, uns, upo, ups, urb, urd, urn, use, uta, uts4-letter wordsudos, ughs, ugly, ukes, ulan, ulna, ulus, ulva, umbo, umps, unai, unau, unbe, unci, unco, unde, undo, undy, unit, unto, upas, upby, updo, upon, urbs, urds, urea, urge, uric, urns, ursa, urus, used, user, uses, utas, uvea5-letter wordsudder, uhlan, ukase, ulama, ulans, ulcer, ulema, ulnad, ulnae, ulnar, ulnas, ulpan, ultra, ulvas, umbel, umber, umbos, umbra, umiac, umiak, umiaq, umped, unais, unapt, unarm, unary, unaus, unbar, unbid, unbox, uncap, uncia, uncle, uncos, uncoy, uncus, uncut, undee, under, undid, undue, unfed, unfit, unfix, ungot, unhat, unhip, unify, union, unite, units, unity, unlay, unled, unlet, unlit, unman, unmet, unmew, unpeg, unpen, unpin, unrig, unrip, unsay, unset, unsew, unsex, untie, until, unwed, unwit, unwon, unzip, upbow, upbye, updos, updry, upend, uplit, upped, upper, upset, uraei, urare, urari, urase, urate, urban, urbia, ureal, ureas, uredo, ureic, urged, urger, urges, urial, urine, ursae, usage, users, usher, using, usnea, usque, usual, usurp, usury, uteri, utile, utter, uveal, uveas, uvula6-letter wordsubiety, ubique, udders, uglier, uglies, uglify, uglily, ugsome, uhlans, ukases, ulamas, ulcers, ulemas, ullage, ulster, ultima, ultimo, ultras, umbels, umbers, umbles, umbrae, umbral, umbras, umiack, umiacs, umiaks, umiaqs, umlaut, umping, umpire, unable, unaged, unakin, unarms, unawed, unbars, unbear, unbelt, unbend, unbent, unbind, unbolt, unborn, unbred, unbusy, uncage, uncake, uncaps, uncase, unchic, unciae, uncial, uncini, unclad, uncles, unclip, unclog, uncock, uncoil, uncool, uncork, uncurb, uncurl, uncute, undies, undine, undock, undoer, undoes, undone, undraw, undrew, unduly, undyed, unease, uneasy, uneven, unfair, unfelt, unfits, unfixt, unfold, unfond, unfree, unfurl, ungird, ungirt, unglue, ungual, ungues, unguis, ungula, unhair, unhand, unhang, unhats, unhelm, unhewn, unholy, unhood, unhook, unhung, unhurt, unhusk, unific, unions, unipod, unique, unisex, unison, united, uniter, unites, unjust, unkend, unkent, unkept, unkind, unkink, unknit, unknot, unlace, unlade, unlaid, unlash, unlays, unlead, unless, unlike, unlink, unlive, unload, unlock, unmade, unmake, unmans, unmask, unmeet, unmesh, unmews, unmixt, unmold, unmoor, unmown, unnail, unopen, unpack, unpaid, unpegs, unpens, unpent, unpick, unpile, unpins, unplug, unpure, unread, unreal, unreel, unrent, unrest, unrigs, unripe, unrips, unrobe, unroll, unroof, unroot, unrove, unruly, unsafe, unsaid, unsawn, unsays, unseal, unseam, unseat, unseen, unsent, unsets, unsewn, unsews, unsexy, unshed, unship, unshod, unshut, unsnap, unsold, unsown, unspun, unstep, unstop, unsung, unsunk, unsure, untack, untame, untidy, untied, unties, untold, untorn, untrim, untrod, untrue, untuck, untune, unused, unveil, unvext, unwary, unwell, unwept, unwind, unwise, unwish, unwits, unworn, unwove, unwrap, unyoke, unzips, upases, upbear, upbeat, upbind, upboil, upbore, upbows, upcast, upcoil, upcurl, updart, update, updive, updove, upends, upflow, upfold, upgaze, upgird, upgirt, upgrew, upgrow, upheap, upheld, uphill, uphold, uphove, uphroe, upkeep, upland, upleap, uplift, upmost, uppers, uppile, upping, uppish, uppity, upprop, uprear, uprise, uproar, uproot, uprose, uprush, upsend, upsent, upsets, upshot, upside, upsoar, upstep, upstir, uptake, uptear, uptick, uptilt, uptime, uptore, uptorn, uptoss, uptown, upturn, upwaft, upward, upwell, upwind, uracil, uraeus, urania, uranic, uranyl, urares, uraris, urases, urates, uratic, urbane, urbias, urchin, urease, uredia, uredos, ureide, uremia, uremic, ureter, uretic, urgent, urgers, urging, urials, urinal, urines, uropod, ursine, urtext, uruses, usable, usably, usages, usance, useful, ushers, usneas, usques, usuals, usurer, usurps, uterus, utmost, utopia, utters, uveous, uvulae, uvular, uvulas7-letter wordsufology, ugliest, ukelele, ukulele, ulcered, ulexite, ullaged, ullages, ulpanim, ulsters, ultimas, ululant, ululate, umbeled, umbered, umbonal, umbones, umbonic, umbrage, umiacks, umlauts, umpired, umpires, umpteen, unacted, unadult, unagile, unaging, unaided, unaimed, unaired, unakite, unalike, unaptly, unarmed, unasked, unaware, unbaked, unbased, unbated, unbears, unbelts, unbends, unbinds, unblest, unblock, unbolts, unboned, unbosom, unbound, unbowed, unboxed, unboxes, unbrace, unbraid, unbrake, unbroke, unbuild, unbuilt, unbulky, unburnt, uncaged, uncages, uncaked, uncakes, uncanny, uncased, uncases, unchain, unchary, unchoke, uncials, uncinal, uncinus, uncivil, unclamp, unclasp, unclean, unclear, unclips, uncloak, unclogs, unclose, uncloud, uncocks, uncoded, uncoils, uncomic, uncorks, uncouth, uncover, uncrate, uncrazy, uncross, uncrown, unction, uncurbs, uncured, uncurls, undated, underdo, undergo, undines, undocks, undoers, undoing, undrape, undrawn, undraws, undress, undrest, undried, undrunk, undular, undying, uneager, unearth, uneases, uneaten, unended, unequal, unfaded, unfaith, unfaked, unfancy, unfazed, unfence, unfired, unfitly, unfixed, unfixes, unfolds, unfound, unfreed, unfrees, unfrock, unfroze, unfunny, unfurls, unfused, unfussy, ungirds, unglove, unglued, unglues, ungodly, unguard, unguent, ungulae, ungular, unhairs, unhands, unhandy, unhangs, unhappy, unhasty, unheard, unhelms, unhinge, unhired, unhitch, unhoods, unhooks, unhoped, unhorse, unhouse, unhuman, unhusks, unicorn, unideal, uniface, unified, unifier, unifies, uniform, unipods, uniquer, uniques, unisons, unitage, unitard, unitary, uniters, unities, uniting, unitive, unitize, unjaded, unjoint, unkempt, unkinks, unknits, unknots, unknown, unlaced, unlaces, unladed, unladen, unlades, unlatch, unleads, unlearn, unleash, unlevel, unlined, unlinks, unlived, unlives, unloads, unlobed, unlocks, unloose, unloved, unlucky, unmacho, unmaker, unmakes, unmanly, unmasks, unmated, unmeant, unmerry, unmewed, unmiter, unmitre, unmixed, unmolds, unmoors, unmoral, unmoved, unnails, unnamed, unnerve, unnoisy, unnoted, unoiled, unowned, unpacks, unpaged, unpaved, unpicks, unpiled, unpiles, unplait, unplugs, unposed, unquiet, unquote, unraked, unrated, unravel, unrazed, unready, unreels, unreeve, unrests, unrimed, unriper, unrisen, unrobed, unrobes, unrolls, unroofs, unroots, unroped, unrough, unround, unroven, unruled, unsated, unsaved, unsawed, unscrew, unseals, unseams, unseats, unsewed, unsexed, unsexes, unsharp, unshell, unshift, unships, unshorn, unshowy, unsight, unsized, unsling, unslung, unsmart, unsnaps, unsnarl, unsober, unsolid, unsoncy, unsonsy, unsound, unsowed, unspeak, unspent, unspilt, unsplit, unspoke, unstack, unstate, unsteel, unsteps, unstick, unstops, unstrap, unstuck, unstung, unswear, unswept, unswore, unsworn, untacks, untaken, untamed, untaxed, unteach, unthink, untired, untread, untried, untrims, untruer, untruly, untruss, untruth, untucks, untuned, untunes, untwine, untwist, untying, unurged, unusual, unveils, unvexed, unvocal, unvoice, unwaxed, unweary, unweave, unwhite, unwinds, unwiser, unwooed, unwound, unwoven, unwraps, unwrung, unyoked, unyokes, unyoung, unzoned, upbears, upbeats, upbinds, upboils, upborne, upbound, upbraid, upbuild, upbuilt, upcasts, upchuck, upclimb, upcoils, upcurls, upcurve, updarts, updated, updater, updates, updived, updives, updraft, updried, updries, upended, upfield, upfling, upflows, upflung, upfolds, upfront, upgazed, upgazes, upgirds, upgoing, upgrade, upgrown, upgrows, upheaps, upheave, uphills, uphoard, upholds, uphroes, upkeeps, uplands, upleaps, upleapt, uplifts, uplight, uppiled, uppiles, uppings, upprops, upraise, upreach, uprears, upright, uprisen, upriser, uprises, upriver, uproars, uproots, uprouse, upscale, upsends, upshift, upshoot, upshots, upsides, upsilon, upsoars, upstage, upstair, upstand, upstare, upstart, upstate, upsteps, upstirs, upstood, upsurge, upsweep, upswell, upswept, upswing, upswung, uptakes, uptears, upthrew, upthrow, upticks, uptight, 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