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A Harley Bobber motorcycle is a unique version of a Harley Davidson motorcyle. A Harley Bobber is what is called a "chopper" due to its unique style when compared to a traditional Harley Davidson motorcycle. Due to its popularity, a Bobber is typically more expensive.

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Q: What is unique about a Harley Bobber motorcycle?
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Why is a bobber motorcycle different from a regular motorcycle?

The main difference between a bobber motorcycle and a regular motorcycle is that the first one has been modified or "bobbed". It usually has no front fender.

Was Harley the first motorcycle?

No, Harley was not the first motorcycle and not even the largest selling manufacturer until about 1920. Before Harley, the largest production motorcycle manufacturer was Indian Motorcycle Company.

Length of motorcycle?

Is the length of a harley motorcycle standard? if yes, what is the standard length of a harley motorcycle? please advice. thankjs!

What is a harley?

It is a Make of motorcycle

What is the average price of a Triumph Bobber?

The price of a Triumph Bobber motorcycle can vary depending on the type of Triumph Bobber model being looked at. In general, Triumph Bobbers begin at about $7500 and go up in price from there.

Who makes the motorcycle?

Harley Davidson

What is a word for Harley-Davidson?


Is a Harley a motorcycle?

yes yes she is

When was the Harley Davidson motorcycle introduced?

The first Harley was produced in 1903

What is the meaning of Harley?

William harley and arthur Davidson founded harley Davidson motorcycle co

Where can one find Harley Davidson motorcycle covers?

There are many websites where one can locate Harley Davidson motorcycle covers. For example, the motorcycle covers are being sold on Amazon, and the official Harley Davidson website.

Where does one buy Harley Davidson motorcycle parts?

Harley Davidson motorcycle parts can be purchased at several online sites, including the Motorcycle Superstore. Parts can also be purchased through licensed Harley dealers.

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