What is unique about snakes?

Updated: 11/17/2022
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they are the only reptile with no legs or wet skin

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Q: What is unique about snakes?
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What are a mongooses unique qualities?

to kill snakes

What unique physical chaacteristics dose a mongoose has?

it can kill snakes...

What type of unique vision do snakes have?

Snakes have a thermal vision which means that they can feel the warmth of their prey's blood and body and can go near it by scanning the warmth

What eat cottonmouth snakes?

Bigfoots, also known as sasquatches, have a unique diet of eating large amounts of cotton.

Are there any unique creatures in Uruguay?

venomous snakes and some spiders even insects

Are tarsier herbivores?

Tarsiers are primarily insectivores, meaning they primarily eat insects. While they may occasionally consume plant material, their diet mainly consists of insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, and small lizards.

How does a snake approach a predator?

Each type of snakes has a unique type to approach a predator. For example anacondas wait for their prey to come closer to then they will catch them. Spitting cobras will spit venom on its prey and kill them and so many techniques are there for each type of snakes.

Are carpet snakes unique to Australia?

They are certainly an indigenous species - in that they are native to Australia. They have, however, been exported to other countries and are available from many exotic pet shops.

Do snakes feed young their young with milk?

where would it get the milk? A snake is a reptile, so its yong are on their ow and eat meat from the begining. In other words, No.

What type of snakes are there?

There are many different familes of snakes. Pythons, boa constrictors, rat snakes, garters, grass snakes, flying snakes, rattlers, vipers, blind snakes, asps, wart snakes, sunbeam snakes, etc.

What snakes are water snakes?

Snakes of the subfamily Natricinae are usually regarded as water snakes.

Northern garter snakes exhibit a unique behavior in which they gather in deep dens by the hundreds or thousands. They then coil together in a huge ball. This behavior could help to -?

reduce heat loss