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its name

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Q: What is unique about the Congo river?
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Which country is the river Congo in?

The river Congo is in the Democratic republic of the CongoThe river Congo is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

What river is between the Congo and the democratic republic of the Congo?

river Congo easy to remember river Congo easy to remember

Is Congo a jungle or a desert?

Congo is a river if your talking about Congo river.

Are the Congo river and the Zaire River in the Congo the same river?

Yes, they are the same rivers. The Zaire River is sometimes called the Congo River, because part of it is in the Congo.

What large river and it's tributaries run through the Congo basin?

The largest river that runs through the Congo Basin is the Congo River.

What is the largest river flowing through the Congo Basin and emptying into the Atlantic ocean?

Tinier Rivers.

Which river formed the Congo basin?

The "Congo" river.

What is the river Congo tributaries?

what is the tributary of the river Congo

What river shares a name with 2 African countries?

democratic republic of the Congo and the republic of the Congo separated by the Congo river .

What river forms the border between Congo and democratic republic of the Congo?

The Congo River

What is the longest river in central Africa?

river=congo, landform= congo basin

What river and the Congo river provide Congo with hydroelectic power?

The Ubangi river