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She is bangin! Plus, she has a baby by a sexy rapper, Plies. I bet a lot of girls don't like her because she dated him. Anyway, she was born and raised in Atlanta,Ga. Of course, the hood. Her father was in the army, so she traveled around the WORLD as a little kid. She graduated from high school (don't know which one) in 2005. She was going to college, but she needed to stay home and take care of her sick grandmother. Instead, she decided to work at Hooters in downtown Atlanta,Ga. When she was 21 years old, she signed up for the Flavor of Love 2. When she got eliminated, she went on her myspace page and found out that 78 people wanted to be her friend. One of those 78 people was Plies! When she accepted his request, he was online. So they chatted, and he asked her to go out with him. She said that they could only be friends for a while. In 2007, she was also on The Flavor of Love Girls:Charm School with her best friend Bootz "Larissa Hodge". When she got eliminated again, she found out that Plies was still single. So she decided that they could start seeing each other. She also invited him to the charm school reunion. You might have seen him, if not, oh well. After that, he was so in love with her, he started writing music for her. I mean a lot of music for her! She also helped him with his rap career. They only had sex 8 times until she got pregnant by him in August 2007. On April 14, 2008, their baby was born at around 7:45 p.m. Now, has pictures and proof that they have been out together. Are they just friends, or are they actually going back out again? I don't know, but I know that we will find out soon. Ask this question, "Where can you find pictures of Plies's kids?" so that you can know where to look to find his kids.

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Is Plies dating Shay Johnson?

He was but they broke up.

Why did plies and shay Johnson break up?

because she is not smart

How old is Shay Johnson?

Shay Johnson is 28 years old (birthdate April 16, 1989).

Does shay johnson have kids?


Do shay Johnson have any kids?


Who is da brat dating?

shay johnson

Do shay buckeey Johnson have kids?


Who is shay buckeey Johnson?

Plies babymama

Is shay Johnson a mother?

yeah, she has a baby by Plies

What is shay Johnson son name?

faye bean

Who is shay Johnson pregnant by?

plies, he's pretty cool.

Do shay Johnson work at Hooters?

She did, downtown Atlanta,Ga

Who is Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson from Flavor of love 2 dating?

Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson from Flavor of love 2 is currently dating Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy.

When did plies and shay Johnson broke up?

They broke up because Plies cheated on her. They were together for two years. It ended because of three confirmed infidelities.

What is Buckey' s real name from Flavor of Love 2?

shay Johnson

Do Soulja Boy friend Arab got a girlfriend?

yes her name is shay Johnson

Who is plies baby mother?


How do you know that shay buckeey Johnson had plies baby?

oh believe me, I am 99.9 percent sure

What is plies kids name?

Nijier Lanier Washington, this baby is by Shay "Buckeey" Johnson. She was 23 years old when she had him.

Does Plies love sex?

Yeah Plies love to have sex! He says that the best girl he gets sex from is Shay Johnson. What's up with him being so close to Shay? I believe he's supa sprung over her. I'm sure she's supa sprung over him too. is im next

What nicknames does Shay Mitchell go by?

Shay Mitchell goes by Shay Buttah, and Shay Mitch.

Who does Lil Scrappy date right now?

Lil Scrappy is currently dating Shay ''Buckeey'' Johnson, from Flavor Of Love 2.

What nicknames does Shay Morgan go by?

Shay Morgan goes by Shayla, and Shay Browning.

What nicknames does Shaylene Benson go by?

Shaylene Benson goes by Shay Shay, and Shay.

What is the birth name of Shay Roundtree?

Shay Roundtree's birth name is Shay Rountree.

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