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What is validate?

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validate (v.) To declare or make legally valid.

:To mark with an indication of official sanction.

:To establish the soundness of; corroborate.

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How do you validate and retrieve data from database?

How do you validate and retrieve data from database?" How do you validate and retrieve data from database?"

How do you use validate in a sentence?

Please validate my parking ticket.

Is validate an antonym of denounce?

Yes, validate is an antonym of denounce.

How do you use the word validate in a sentence?

Who was supposed to validate your parking ticket? How long must I wait for my employer to validate my accomplishments?

How do you validate equifax security certificate authority?

how do you validate equifax certificate authority?

What are examples of validate America representative government?

validate America as a representative government

How do you use validate in sentence?

Like this: Could you please validate your account name?

What is first call in struts2 default constructor or validate method?

Default Constructor will be called first . If you override Validate method , then validate method will be called .

How do you validate common stock certificates?

Any stockbroker of your choice can help you validate certificates.

How can information from sources be skewed to validate an argumet?

how can information from sources be skewed to validate an argument

What is a sentence for validate?

If you buy something at that store, they will validate your parking ticket so don't have to pay.

How do you validate data?

with coolness

What does it mean when someone says they validate you as a person?

If someone says that they validate you as a person, they mean that they consider you to be a worthwhile person.

What tools can someone use to validate HTML code?

Some tools people could use to validate HTML code are Dr. Watson, Validate HTM Firefox add on and WDG HTML validator. Also popular to validate HTML codes are Cahse HTML validator life and HTML Toolbox.

How do you validate CSS?

The most popular way to Validate your CSS is by going here:

What is another word for confirm?


How do you validate your email address?


How do you validate elsword?

go now

What are the advantages of repeating an experiment?

to validate results

To validate or give legal advise?


How do you validate your email on fashion fantasy?

check your answer

How do you validate your websites CSS?

You can validate your CSS by using CSS Validator. You just enter your websites address and it will tell you if there are any errors or not.

What does validify mean?

it means "to validate," which means, "to confirm" or "to authenticate." it is better to use "validate" rather than "validify" because validify isn't really a word.

How do you validate a number in java script?

We can validate a number by using isNaN() function in javascript, if this function returns false the given value is a number otherwise its not a number.

What is the antonym of efface?

Restore, Keep, Retain, Validate