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Depends on what configuration. The Broadway Trap was available in Lightning, Field, etc, in the Superposed. Unfortunately, the Broadway Trap is less desireable to collectors than field guns, particulary 26" guns with open chokes. In excellent condition with fitted Browning case, it would sell around $1000-$1400

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Where is a good place to get tickets to Broadway shows in New York?

An excellent website with which to purchase tickets to Broadway shows in New York is the Broadway website. The site provides a comprehensive list of all of the shows that are currently available and has ticketing options for each.

Value of 1969 browning Broadway trap gun average condition?

500 USD

What is the year of manufacture and value of a Browning Superposed Lightning Broadway 12 ga grade1 serial number 32020 S4 Excellent condition wide rib single gold trigger purchased new in 1965?

1964. Value depends upon several things. Condition, original box, papers, length of barrels are some. Go to one of the used gun sites like to compare. I will tell you not to sell it for less than $1,700 if it is in the condition you think. Google Browning the salt problem.

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The Internet Broadway Database listing casting information for Broadway productions.

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Rent is not on Broadway but it is playing off-Broadway at New World Stages.

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Description of on Broadway?

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on Broadway, in a Broadway musical.

Did west end or Broadway come first?


How many Broadway theatres are actually on Broadway?


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