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What is value of royal Dalton D2046 pitcher?

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The value of a Royal Dalton babes in the woods vase depends greatly on its condition. This piece in mint condition is valued between 1100.00 and 1300.00 as of 2014.

The selling value of a Royal Dalton Orange Lady figurine is around $50 in excellent condition. Asking prices may be higher, but buyers are only making purchases in the range under $65.

Hi, a Doulton/Royal Doulton Toby Jug runs in the price range of $100.00-$175.00 depending on condition.

2 thousand five hudred pounds face value.try to pay 2 thousand

They seem to go on online auctions for around 110 to 185 pounds.

Royal Doulton is known for a creating a variety of fancy and expensive figurines. The 1954 fortune teller figurine is highly collectable, selling for 600 dollars online.

HI, GO TO THE SITE, WWW.REPLACEMENT.COM AND CLICK ON CERAMICS THEN LOOK UP DALTON, IT SHOLD BE LISRED THRU THEM, GOOD LUCK! Ha.Went to all "Replacement" Sites, didn't have any vases just dishes/cups plates figurines.

Replacements Ltd is selling them on e-bay for $39.99 plus $8.99 shipping; I saw a set of three several weeks ago for around $25 each plus Shipping. The pattern has been discontinued by Royal Doulton

The value of Royal Winton tea set is $ 24.99 and $ 19.99.

what is the value of a full royal doulton dinner set carnival

The value of a Simmons Royal double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun varies by its condition.

Best thing to do, take them into a specilist shop. OR, if it has any marking on it (Stamps of some kind) Note them down, and you can get an estimate price from these. This link will give you some descriptions

There was no Royal Wedding in 1967 and Sovereigns are not used as commemoratives.

I have a I quart bottle in the box unopened of Seagrams crown royal 1963 any one know what the value would be?

There was no Royal Wedding 20 cent coin issued.

Hi, there are many different colorsin the SAFE HARBOUR line, but that won't make a value difference all run about the same between $19.95 -30.00. hope this helped...

What is the value of a Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware black ball pitcher with a white and gold design handle? 7 1/2" Tall.

whats the year or wm rogers 817 water pitcher

The current price for an ounce of silver is $18.56 USD. Use this as a conversion factor with the weight of your silver pitcher.

about 1000 they are very collectable

The value is what ever the market allows the value to be when in a competitive environment. A vintage Royal Stetson Fedora could bring 100-150 dollars if in mint condition. Or, if no one is shopping for it, it might bring 50-60 dollars.

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