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What is values vs religion?


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values doesnt vs religion. religion provides values, and you can decide on your own values as well.


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Family and religion are the most important Italian values.

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In both countries the majority is Christian.

There are many different archetypes in Siddhartha -1 - Material vs. Spiritual2 - distractions [wealth] vs. focus[religion]3 - religion vs. wealth4 - pleasure vs. what is rightThese are just some...

Values show how someone feels and thinks about specific things that include society, religion, and politics. There are moral values, material values, personal values, and spiritual values.

Religion can provide moral values, Ex: The Ten Commandments

A:What is right in the Christian religion is the high moral values it teaches. What is wrong in the Christian religion is the great number of priests, ministers of religion and preachers who so blatantly fail to live up to those values.

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Satanism is probably the only religion which directly goes against Catholic (and indeed any Christian) values. All others either share the same values or similar.

People form values from themselves, their family, friends, religion and various philosophies.

Religious education teaches real values of life, not external values and recreations.

All religions teach high moral values. An important function of scriptures is to explain the moral values expounded by the religion. But religion is not a necessary source of moral values, since many people live ethical and fulfilling lives without any religious beliefs.

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Religion is important in social norm values because it gives people a sense of morality. Religious values are what people may base their ideas of right and wrong on, based on the religious texts and teachings.

Humans have values, secularly as well as religious. Religion need not play a part in human values. Existentialism is moot.

It brings the family together.

Man vs Man. Americans vs the Don. The Don's values verses the Americans' values. At the beginning the Don didn't accept the money from the Americans. And at the end there is a conflict with the idea that the Don values the trees as his legacy to his nieces and nephews.

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A person's values come from the society in which they live. Their family has the earliest and most significant impact on their values. Society also plays a significant role. Religion can also affect personal values.

In a satirical way he mocks at the blind believes and values of religion, which is forcefully applied on individuals.

Its a big part in the worlds history, a way of understanding other cultures, and teaches life values

Man vs Society means that, basically it is the values and customs by which everyone else lives are being challenge. ok!

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