What is vanadium trioxide?

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It is a compound in the form V2O3 with vanadium of an oxidation state of (III). It is derived from reduction of vanadium pentoxide V2O5. It is mostly used as a catalyst of various reactions. Personally I've produced it by reducing vanadium pentoxide in sulfuric acid, heating for 30mins then creating a basic solution using sodium carbonate.
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Who discovered Vanadium?

Answer . \nIt was originally discovered by Andres M. Del Rio in 1801. It was rediscovered by Nils G. Sefstrom in 1830 who gave this element its name..

What is vanadium used for?

Vanadium is used in everything from aerospace projects and skyscrapers to chemistry formulas and x-rays.. 1. Steel Alloys . Vanadium is most commonly mixed with iron to form steel alloys for tools and construction purposes. Although Vanadium is soft in its pure form, when it's mixed with other ele ( Full Answer )

Where can you find vanadium?

Vanadium occurs in minerals such as patronite, vanadinite, and carnotite. There are also trace amounts in some magnetite deposits, enough to make recovery from magnetite economically viable (magnetite is an important iron ore). Almost all vanadium is produced in South Africa, China, or Russia.

Is vanadium radioactive?

Answer . Vanadium is composed of 2 isotopes V-50 (0.3%) and V-51 (99.7%). V-50 does decay. The half-life was found to be 9.0×10 16 and 6.9×10 16 years respectively for the two modes of decay V 50 -EC-Ti 50* -(1.58 MeV) - Ti 50 and V 50 - - -Cr 50* - (0.78 MeV)-Cr 50 .

What is the cost of vanadium?

Answer . The last post that i found said that it was about $1.35(US) but that was at the year 2000.. Answer . The last post that i found said that it was about $1.35(US) but that was at the year 2000.. the European market # 80 V-iron 62.25-64.5 price stability in the dollar / kg vanadium R ( Full Answer )

What is the chemical formula for nitrogen trioxide?

There are two compounds that you may be thinking of. The stable compound known as Nitrogen Trioxide is also known as Dinitrogen Trioxide, which has the molecular formular N2O3. However, there is an intermediate compound formed in some multistep reactions with the molecular formular NO3, which you co ( Full Answer )

What family is vanadium in?

Okay there has to be one.... I'm not sure either, i am doing a science project, so email me if u figure it out please! Its in the Vanadium Family :) ok person who eve wrote this vanadium is in the alkali metals family... oh and have fun with your science project -kodybear:)

Is vanadium dangerous?

Yes. Your gastrointestinal system don't like Vanadium. Inhalation exposure to Vanadium results in adverse effects on your respiratory system. Exposure to more than 35mg of Vanadium results in immediate danger to yo life and health, and can totally kill you or cause permanent health issues.

Is trioxide good or bad for us?

Sulfur trioxide is a byproduct of sulfuric acid. In largequantities, sulfur trioxide can be deadly. For the most part, smallquantities of sulfur trioxide will not hurt you.

What is dialuminum trioxide?

There is no such thing as dialuminum trioxide because the combination of 2 aluminums and 3 oxygens creates an IONIC COMPOUND, since it is between a metal and nonmetal, and ionic compounds are not named the same way as binary molecular compounds which is the way it is named in the question. In naming ( Full Answer )

Why is vanadium important?

Vanadium is important because of its many unique characteristics. The most common use of vanadium is in alloys for making rust-resistant steel used in manufacturing tools, engines, gears, springs, missile cases, jet-engine housings, nuclear-reactor parts, and superconductive magnets. Vanadium foil i ( Full Answer )

What does vanadium do?

Vanadium is an ultra-trace mineral found in the human diet and the human body. It is essential for some animals. Deficiency symptoms in these animals include growth retardation, bone deformities, and infertility. However, vanadium has not been proven to be an essential mineral for humans.. Vanadium ( Full Answer )

Does Carbon Trioxide exist?

Carbon trioxide is an oxocarbon which is an unstable oxide ofcarbon. It can be produced by blowing ozone into dry ice orchemical reactions between carbon monoxide and molecular oxygen.

What is the slogan for vanadium?

Vanadium - the Viagra of Steel Vanadium - the Element that could change the world Vanadium - the Battery of the Future

What is Vanadium?

A rare element occurring in certain minerals and obtained as a light-gray powder with a silvery luster or as a ductile metal: used as an ingredient of steel to toughen it and increase its shock resistance. . Taken from dictionary.reference.com

Formula for dinitrogen trioxide?

Dinitrogen trioxide is N 2 O 3 . Many times you can get the formula from the name. The prefix di- means 2, and the prefix tri- means 3.

Formula for phosphorus trioxide?

hello,. here is some information regarding phosphorus trioxide. It is obtained by the combustion of phosphorus in a limited supply of air at low temperature.. P 4 (s) + 3 O 2 (g) → P 4 O 6 (s). Phosphorus trioxide reacts with cold water to form phosphorous acid.. P 4 O 6 (s) + 6 H 2 O(l) ( Full Answer )

Slogan for vanadium?

hello people that like my thing im vanadium and im the cutes thing. My color is silver and i use it for coins

How is vanadium obtained?

Vanadium can be obtained in a variety of ways. For example, it can be produced by passing an electric current through molten (melted) vanadium chloride: It can also be made by combining calcium metal with vanadium oxide: Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com

Who is the founder of vanadium?

Vanadium is an element. Elements get discovered, they do not get founded. Organizations have founders, elements don't.

Where was vanadium discovered?

Vanadium was discovered in Mexico City. Which is a great place to go and fun to be there. It was a discovery that changed the world. It was originally discovered by a Spanish mineralogist Andres Manuel del Rio. Peace out suckers. x:-(

What do you use vanadium as?

vanadium is a light metal that people can transform in to a lustrous and BTW it stands for by the way

When was vanadium discoverd?

Vanadium was discovered in 1801 by a Mexican mineralogist named Andres Manuel Del Rio. He named it erythonium. It was rediscovered by a Swedish chemist named Nils Gabriel Sefstrom, and named it Vanadium after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility.

How was vanadium invented?

Vanadium was not "invented", it was discovered by Nils Sefström in 1830. There is a disputed claim that it was discovered by Andrés del Rio in 1801 and identified incorrectly.. Vanadium occurs naturally in Carnotite & Vanadinite and many other mineral deposits.

How was vanadium named?

It was named by the Swedish chemist Niel Sefstrom after the Norse goddess of beauty & love Vanadis.

What does vanadium bond with?

Quite a few elements especially on the RHS of the periodic table - oxygen for example.

What are facts about vanadium?

vanadium was originally found by spanish scientist Andres manuel del Rio. It was named after the scandinaian goddess of love, Vanadis.

Is Carbon trioxide a gas?

Carbon trioxide gas (CO 3 ) exists, and is an unstable oxide of carbon (an oxocarbon). Carbon trioxide can be produced, for example, in the drift zone of a negative corona discharge by reactions between carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and the atomic oxygen (O) created from molecular oxygen by free electrons ( Full Answer )

Is vanadium an isotope?

Vanadium is a chemical element that has 23 protons in its nucleus. It has several different isotopes, which means that there will be different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus of its different isotopes. The isotope Va-51 is stable, and has 28 neutrons in it nucleus. The isotope Va-50 is unstable, ( Full Answer )

Who invented the vanadium?

Nobody invented Vanadium it is an element but according to Wikipedia (and I quote directly)... Andres Manuel del Rio discovered vanadium in 1801 by analyzing the mineral vanadinite, and named it erythronium . Four years later, however, he was convinced by other scientists that erythronium was ide ( Full Answer )

How was vanadium produced?

It was created by a Man called Mike Hunt and was produced in 1637. Another man by the name of Mike hockan-yermowv discovered it in 1670.

What is Carbon Trioxide used for if anything?

Carbon Trioxide exists as a gas, but it is highly unstable. Formedby electrical arcs in a mizture of carbon dioxide and oxygen, or bypassing ozone (O3) across dry ice; CO3 breaks down into carbondioxide and oxygen in less than sixty seconds at srandardtemperature and pressure, meaning that it has li ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of sulphur trioxide?

In process plant environment, SO 3 gas is mixed into flue gas from combustion to make the ashes charged up before flowing through electrostatic precipitators. The electrostatic precipitators will then trap the ashes, making cleaner process emission possible.

Is carbon trioxide water soluble?

There is no such thing as carbon trioxide. There is the carbonate ion (CO 3 2- ). Most carbonates are insoluble in water. There is also carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) which is somewhat soluble in water.

Is carbon trioxide in alcohol?

There is no such compound as Carbon Trioxide though it can fleetingly exist in certain extreme conditions. The Carbonate ion CO 3 2- exists and it is possible that traces of carbonate can be found in such alcoholic drinks as Scotch Whisky.

How is vanadium taken?

most adults get anywhere between 10-60 mcg of vanadium through a normal diet. Some authorities believe it is safer for people to avoid vanadium supplements altogether and increase their intake of foods known to contain the mineral.

Is vanadium a mineral?

yes vanadium is a mineral if you want any other info about vanadium look at the web link below.

What aluminium Trioxide can be use?

Aluminum(III) oxide Al 2 O 3 or Alimuna (or alumina) is used as follows: . Being fairly chemically inert and white, alumina is a favored filler for plastics. Alimuna is a common ingredient in sunscreen and is sometimes present in cosmetics such as blush, lipstick, and nail polish. . Alumina ( Full Answer )

What is sulphur trioxide made of?

\n. As the name implies, it is made of one sulfur atom and three oxygen atoms. Its formula is SO 3 . For covalent compounds such as this, the rules of nomenclature require prefixes, unless the first constituent element (sulfur, in this case) has only one atom per molecule. Then there is no prefi ( Full Answer )

Is sulfur trioxide is ionic?

Sulfur trioxide is not ionic; it is covalently bonded. When dissolved in water, however, sulfur trioxide forms sulfuric acid, which is partially ionic: It dissociates into hydrogen ions and sulfate polyatomic cations.

What is the purpose of vanadium?

Vanadium is an element out of the periodic table, a metal. . Elements don't have a purpose, as such. They exist, that'sit. . Humans OTOH can USE them FOR a purpose. . For Vanadium, that's usually to create metal Alloys.