What is variable annuity insurance?

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Variable annuity insurance is insurance that has a variable year to year and it can change upon facts that change such as your base description of how you manage your life.

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Q: What is variable annuity insurance?
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Where can I get variable annuity life insurance?

To get variable annuity life insurance speak to you local insurance company. A lot of insurance companies now offer many types of insurance; car, life, renter's, etc. Metlife, Pacific Life, Mutual, and many others are examples of where you can get variable annuity life insurance.

What is transamerica variable annuity and what are their yields?

Tranamerica is an insurance company that offers variable annuity. Their yield depends on the situation of the person. If a person qualifies for annuity.

Who owns the variable annuity life insurance company?


What type of insurance contract is measured in units?

variable annuity

What is variable annuity life?

Annuity Life is a contract of insurance between you the buyer and the seller. Variable Annuity Life is a company that covers retirement groups for schools, colleges and Health care.

Is the variable annuity life insurance any good?

Variable annuity is good for a person looking for long term invesment options if they are wanting to retire in the future. It is a great option for that, but it may not be the best option for a life insurance policy. However, there are some reliable variable annuity life insurance companies like Valic.

What is an allianz variable annuity?

Variable annuity is a life insurance plan where you make series of monthly payments or a lump sum. and in return the insurance company makes periodic payments to you immediately or in the near future.

What insurance company should I purchase an annuity variable from?

The best way, in my opinion to consider what insurance company to purchase an annuity variable from, is to find a policy that best suits me. Does it offer death benefits? Is it tax-free? And am I at the appropriate age to get an annuity variable without being taxed. You also want to consider whether you want short or long term annuity.

What does VIT stand for in variable annuity contracts?

It stands for Variable Investment Trust. Essentially, it a mutual fund that is especially created for the use in variable and life insurance products such as AXA Equitable's Retirement Cornerstone Variable Annuity.

What is the definition of "axa variable annuity"?

The definition of AXA Variable Annuity is a life insurance policy that give the option of market appreciation. It gives you a variety of investment options with your policy.

What is an insurance 215 license?

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

What is the definition of variable annuity funds?

A variable annuity of funds allows for you to invest funds with an insurance company. When you invest your funds, you are able to pick which investments you would like your funds to go into.

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