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vice input: is the process of entering data by speaking into a microphone.

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Q: What is vice input?
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What is an inverting amplifier?

An inverting amplifier is configured such that the output is 1800 out of phase with the input. that is, if a positive input increases the subsequent negative output decreases and vice versa.

What is the function of the IC 7404?

It will give high output when the given input is low and also give LOW output when the given input is high (Vice versa).

How are speakers related to input and output?

Speakers provide an output of information and usually after presentations, they'll ask for the feedback of the audience, which would be input in relation to the presentation. Or vice versa.

What is a null modem often used for?

A null modem cable allows you to connect two computers together. Basically, the input and output wires are swapped to where the input of one computer is connected to the output of another and vice-versa.

How do you input cheat codes in vice city?

You can input cheat codes at any time while player the game.As the game detects the keys you type,you need to type the cheats while playing the game on the same screen.

What is the function of a buffer amplifier in electronics?

A buffer amplifier can be used to transform high input impedence to low output impedence, or vice-versa.

What purpose do nominating conventions serve?

There were meetings held to select a party's presidential and vice presidential candidates-to allow more voter input.

Is a microphone a input device?

Yes a microphone is an input device. Input/output devices are determined by the direction of the signal being transfered. If the signal is being sent to the Case (main part of the computer that does all the work) then the device is classified as an input device and vice versa. Since the signal from the microphone is sent to the Case, the microphone is "inputting" information into the computer.

What does the vice president do to influence lawmaking?

The vice-president can vote if a tie occurs in a Senate vote. In his public appearances he often speaks out in favor of the President's legislative goals. He usually has access to the president and can give input to what the president's legislative goals should be.

What is a computer operation that takes in raw data?


What is the term used to define all input and output devices in a computer system?

Everything which the user interacts with or vice versa is called the interface.

Is a projector input output or storage?


What is an input variable?

an input variable is an input variable

Different between micoprocessor and microcoputer?

a micro processor does not have external memory it is basically the CPU alone it does not have any inbuilt input output interface in a microcontroller there is a external memory like ram etc. it also has input out inferface devices like analog to dital converter or vice versa etc

Is a PC input the same as a vga input?

Yes. A PC Input is the same as a VGA Input.

What is the difference between input and output?

The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out

What is the flag input of AND gate?

To produce a 3-input OR gate when only 2-input OR gates are available: Use 3 OR gates Inputs to Gate A are input 1 and input 2 Input to Gate B is input 3 (if 2 inputs are necessary, include input...

What is the difference between input device and input medium?

Your input device, for example a mouse, is connected to your input medium, your computer. an input device is a device that is used to input or helps to enter data into the computer and an input medium is where the input device is detected e.g the slots

What isthe difference between input device and input medium?

What is the different between input device and inPut medium

Is CD or DVD an input or output device?

it is input

Is a ORC a input and a output device?


Is a keyboard input or output?

The keyboard is input deviceinput

Is a thumbdrive input or output components?

Thumbdrive is an input component.

What does input do?

what does input devices do

Does an oscillator have input?

No, It does not have input

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