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Voluntary term life insurance plan is elective and generally paid by the employee, whereas group term life insurance is employer paid, and all employees are included.

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Q: What is vol life vs group term life?
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A term policy is life coverage only and on the death of the insured it pays the face amount of the policy to the beneficiary. Whole life insurance combines a term policy with an investment component usually used for retirement.

what are the advantages of long term life insurance vs whole life insurance?

The basic difference between long term life insurance and whole life insurance is that a term policy is life coverage only and this is also considered an advantage. One can buy a long term life insurance for periods of one year to 30 years, whereas whole life insurance is a combination of a term policy with an investment component.

What is the difference between term life insurance vs whole life insurance?

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One can get information to decide about whole life versus term life by speaking to their broker of Life Insurance. Once can personally inform themselves by reading Smart Money or Money MSM.

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There is no cash surrender value since the policy pays only on death. Source:

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