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Q: What is water called that flows through the ground?
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What is Water that doesn't soak into the ground or evaporate but flows across the ground but flows across earth surface is called?


What is a large body of water that flows through land called?

A large body of water that flows through land might be called a river. Another name for a large body of water that flows through land would be a canal.

How does water flow on ground?

Water flows on the ground because it has a lesser Desitiythan the ground it flows over. The Desity of water is 1, that's why water flows over or on the ground.The above answer is for "Why"The answer needed is for "How"

What is it called when the water flows through the land?


What happens to precipitation as it hits the ground?

some of it gets soaked into the ground or flows through rocks and some of flows to the nearest body of water

Water that cannot soak through the ground is called?

ground water

What is water that does not soak into the ground water or evaporate but instead flows across earth's surface?

It is called runoff.

Mass of wet sediment that flows downhill over the ground surface is called?


What is the relationship between surface water groundwater and a watershed?

i think that when the water reaches the surface, it dissolves into the ground which is called infiltration (the movement of water through soil) which then flows down from the tiny spaces in the bedrock and then it forms into a ground water, which is then released into and ocean or a lake.

How easily water flows through soil or rock is called?


The transfer of water through the ground back to the sea?

The transfer of water through the ground and back to the sea is called precipitation.

A large stream of water that flows through the oceans is called?

An ocean current.