What is water degradation?

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Water degradation is also known as water pollution. It is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, oceans, aquifers, rivers, and groundwater.

What is soil degradation?

Soil degradation is when soil deteriorates because of human activity and loses its quality and productivity. It happens when soil loses its nutrients, or its organic matter. It also happens when the soil structure breaks down, or if the soil becomes toxic from pollution. The primary cause of soil ( Full Answer )

What is degradation?

Any act that will disturb the environment in an undesirable ordeleterious way refers to degradation. During such a process,resources such as soil, water and air are depleted.

What is forest degradation?

Degradation is when something is degraded, or made worse. Forest degradation means any negative changes in a forest that damage its productivity; any time a forest is made worse by . overexploitation (any time it is used too much by farmers or tourists), . logging (deforestation), . loggin ( Full Answer )

What is land degradation?

(Wrong)Answer The deterioration in quality, level, or standard of performance of a functional unit. Add on by Bunnyz98-Whovever did this answer has mental issues. The Answer actually is....The process by which land is damaged to the point where it can no longer support the local ecosyst ( Full Answer )

What does degradation mean?

The act of degrading; the state of being degraded.. Gee, that definition really helped the guy!

How is hexacosane degraded?

Hexacosane can be degraded in vitro by bacterial strains inisolation and combination with petroleum sludge. Depending on thebacterial strains applied, degradation can average up to 98%.

Why is slavery degrading?

Slavery is degrading in and of itself because it deprives people ofthe basic human right to freedom and degrades them from full humansinto property. The practice of slavery is also degrading becauseoften masters were cruel to their slaves and forced them to performdegrading tasks. Often, slaves were ( Full Answer )

What are bio degradable and non bio degradable substances?

Wood is an example of a Bio-Degradable substance. Bacteria will digest wood and return its chemicals to the soil. Glass is a Non-Bio-Degradable substance. It would have to be reCycled through mechanical processes, such as grinding, melting, etc.

What are degradative plasmid?

degradative plasmids are types of plasmids present in certain bacterias such as pseudomonas putida which impart the ability of degrade xenobiotic compounds such as salicylic acid, 2-4D etc. there are 3 such plasmids- 1)CAM plasmid- which degrades camphor. 2)XYL ,, - ,, ,, xylene. 3)NAH ,, - ( Full Answer )

How are enzymes degraded?

Enzymes can be denatured if the pH is too acidic or basic, or at very high or low temperatures.

What are degradable plastics?

Degradable plastics A number of UK retailers have recently introduced degradable carrier bags. These bags are made from plastic which degrades under certain conditions or after a predetermined length of time. There are two types of degradable plastic: bio-degradable plastics, which contain a small ( Full Answer )

How do you degrade your PSP?

here is a website on how to do it.. http://www.pspmod.com/forums/psp-hardware-guides/23428-guide-making-pandoras-battery-new-method.html. It is very complicated for noobs. I am not responsible for anything that happens. Because it is ILLEGAL to download the HOMEBREW MEMORY STICK FILES!!!

What are degradable pollutants?

Potentially polluting chemical that is broken down completely or reduced to acceptable levels by natural physical, chemical, and biological processes.

What is degradable?


What does degradable mean?

If something is 'degradable', it means that it can be broken down into more basic substances.. For instance, something that is biodegradable can be broken down by organic means. An animal carcass is biodegradable, because eventually, it will be broken down by bacteria into it's fundamental organic ( Full Answer )

Diaper to degrade?

I don't think diapers should be used in anger, however if diaper are used to curtale certain behavior, and it proves sucessful then great. I don't care if diapers are worn and to what age if someone really doesn't want to wear a diaper then short of punishment they should not be made to.

What is a sentence for degrade?

Your futile atttempts to degrade me will cease forthwith. The harmful effects of the Sun are known to degrade the plastic of a hardhat.

What is non degradable?

it is not cooling because it does not allow the passage of sweat -non degradable

What is Degradation Ceremony?

a degredation ceremony is pretty much when they kill your old self, break you down to the lowest of the low and they you become onee of them for example in basic training, the officers break you down completely so when it is over you are officially part of the army, one of them

What causes water degradation?

the answer is very complex and can not be answered easy , I did some research and I found an interesting article on the subject, Ref .. http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/brightspots/PDF/Globally/Reversing_trends.pdf

Does dharoks degrade?

Yes it does degrade over time due to constant usage, you can repair it at a POH with a repair stand for a lot cheaper than Bobs repair shop in Lumby.

Is glass degradable?

Glass is recyclable. Glass is non degradable. Bio degradable wasterots away. Oil based paints are normally not bio degradable.

What is air degradation?

air degradation is also known as air pollution. Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particular matter or biological materials that cause harm or dis comfort to humans or other living organisms, or cause damage to the nature environment or built environment into the atmosphere

What is Ecological degradation?

is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife.

Will chlorine pool water degrade copper pipes?

Low pH causes more damage than chlorine on copper plumbing. Nonetheless, high chlorine levels, sulfur compounds, metal scavengers and the high salt levels from the spent chemicals are all erosive to copper piping. Flow velocity is also a key factor in determining the rate of erosion. At 7gpm expect ( Full Answer )

What is moral degradation?

A Moral degradation or a moral breakdown is the complete loss ofmorals within a society. Several conditions can bring this to pass,including political, cultural, conflict issues or a naturaldisaster. A moral breakdown is indicative of a decaying society.

What degrades salt?

Salt is very stable, cannot be degraded; only water absorption transform sat in a solution.

Why does UPVC not degrade?

UPVC is unplasticised, rigid, PVC. PVC resin must be compounded with various additives to make it a useful product. Heat stabilisers, pigments, lubricants,process aids, impact modifiers and fillers are all added to the raw PVC resin to allow it to be processed into a durable product. If a liquid pla ( Full Answer )

What is a degradation reaction?

A degradation reaction breaks down a large molecule into smaller molecules. For example, the enzyme catalase breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide into Oxygen and Water.

What is a sentence for degradation?

Degradation is the process of something withering away or beingdegraded. A good sentence would be, the plant was going throughdegradation without sunlight and water.

Is oil degradable?

whatever present in the world that is its stable form which is very complex one for example human body our body is made up of several complex things when it degrades it separates in its basic components in same way the oil is also complex form so it also has to disperse in its basic forms it also de ( Full Answer )

Is a flail degrade?

To my knowledge, there are only two flails in-game. One of them degrades over time, however the other will only degrade through continued use of its special attack. . Verac's Flail, a possible Barrows reward, degrades over the duration of its use in combat. . Ivandis Flail is not degradable, ( Full Answer )

What forms when an ester degrades in the presence of water?

You will form the carboxylic acid and an alcohol. Ester formation and degradation follows this simple rule: Carboxylic acid + alcohol --> ester RCOOH + ROH --> RCOOR +H2O By drying out the ester samples with heat or vacuum, water will leave and will pull the reaction towards enriching the ( Full Answer )

What is bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable?

Biodegradable materials will rot, weather, or rust and 'return to nature'. Wood, paper, and even most metals are biodegradable to various degrees. Nonbiodegradable materials will not break down naturally. Most plastics and synthetic materials are nonbiodegradable.

What is environmental degradation?

Environmental Degradation is the destruction of the Environment through human dangerous activities. Habitat Degradation is the diminishment ( destruction leading to an end of something) of a habitats quality and its ability to support communities and their lives.

What degrades THC?

just like any plant, fruit herb or nut, fruitful or not, over a particular time period (even if vacuum sealed etc) will lose its potency, whether that be related to vitamin content, mineral or other.

Why does paper degrade?

Because it is basically cellulose and an organic polymer. Most of these can have the covalent bonds cleaved by UV light.

What is Mission Degradation?

When an asset can meet all the task standards, but cannot meet all the conditions for mission task execution. gambino

What is degrading punishment?

Any that would humiliate someone or cause a loss of dignity like keeping them naked.

What is degradation of water quality?

Degradation of water quality is the contamination of water bodies like lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and ground water by pollutants. Water degradation damages and harms the lives of humans, animals and plants to a great extent.

What does degrade mean?

The term degrade means to lower in grade, rank or to demote or to wear out .

Why our environment is degrading?

In simple terms... human indifference ! For thousands of years, thehuman race has treated this planet like a huge rubbish dump - tothe detriment of ALL other species we share this 'rock' with ! It'sonly recently that we have decided to do something about it.