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What is wcf?


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WCF = Winchester Center Fire


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WCF stands for Winchester Center Fire

How many 1886 winchesters were in 40-82 cal?

WCF stands for Winchester Center Fire.

The Model 1892 Winchester lever action rifle was made in .218 Bee, .25-20 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, and .44-40 WCF. (WCF is Winchester Center Fire). Godbear Tennessee

No way to tell from the serial number. BTW, it was made in 1985. Caliber should be marked on the barrel. The 1892 was made in in .218 Bee, .25-20 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, and .44-40 WCF. (WCF stand for Winchester Center Fire).

According to your serial number ..Your lever action was Manufactured in 1930. The letters wcf: Winchester Center Fire

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See the website link. It refers to "Short Range". It was a reduced cartridge load made by Winchester. If this website didnt censor words, I could provide the link.

The 30 Winchester Center Fire (WCF) is the same as the 30-30 cartridge

Winchester Center Fire.

Windows Communication Foundation

Winchester discontinued putting the WCF markings on there model 1894 rifles after World War II.

We need make, model AND seral number. 30 WCF is the caliber. Several companies made rifles in that caliber.

Pump action rifle, made early in the 1900's, in 25 rimfire, 25-20 WCF, and 32-20 WCF.

We need to know the model, possibly the serial number, and definitely the CONDITION to estimate a value. 30 WCF just tells us what ammunition to buy for it.

Wcf - 2010 was released on: USA: 22 July 2010 (LA Shorts Fest) USA: 8 September 2010 (NewFilmmakers New York)

There is no diffrents. There is no diffrents.

No description = no way to value

The value of a Winchester model 1874 30 WCF SN 409XXX is $600 in fair condition. In excellent condition it is valued at $900.

Yes. Many other early developed cartridges bore the wcf label as well. Like the .22 hornet, 30-30,and pistol cartridges as well.

.270 WCF means Winchester Center fire. Yes, same round- and IMHO, one of the best rifle cartridges ever made.

The full name of the cartridge is the .270 Winchester Center Fire. WCF. To distinguish it from any other .270 cartridge, such as Weatherby, Holland & Holland, etc.

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