What is weather like in the rainforest?

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What is the weather like in the winter in rainforest?


What is the weather like in a rainforest?

The weather in a rainforest is tropical in nature. It can be very hot and humid. It may also rain frequently.

What is the weather like in Amazon rainforest and why?

its rainy because it says RAINforest and why is because your stupid

What is the weather like in the tropical rainforest e rain forest?

the weather in tropical rainforest is sometimes cold and rainy,sometimes hot and sunny.

What is the weather like in the african rainforest?

the weather was very humide and wet and very moised

Whats the weather like in the rainforest?

Sunny for the rest of the week

What is the weather like in a typical day in the amazon rainforest?

It is humid

What is the Weather Like in any Rainforest?

It is very rainy. It can be hot and humid.

What weather does the rainforest have?

weather in the rainforest, obviously, is rain, sometimes sun, and rarely hurricanes

What is the climate like in the Congo rainforest?

the weather is very hot since its close to the Equator.

How is weather like in a tropical rainforest?

Cool afnd a little brezzy but quite hot....

What kind of weather is is the rainforest?


Is a biome and weather the same thing?

No a biome is like land. Examples: rainforest, tundra, forest etc.

Is there a rainforest that rains 365 days?

It does rain that mush because it s usually the weather of the RainForest.Iwent to Amazonia its just like a Rainforest because ther is Toucans and stuff.

What are the weather conditions in the rainforest?

Hot and wet.

Do rainforest experience bad weather?


What is the weather like in the tropical rainforest?

The weather in a tropical rain forest is, put simply... well, tropical. To elaborate, the weather is consistently hot and humid, with massive amounts of precipitation (hence, "rain" forests).

How do you survive severe weather in the Amazon Rainforest?

Hide in the areas where you are least vulnerable to the weather.

What is the weather of the tropical rain forest?

The weather in the tropical rainforest can be wet dry hot or cold

What is the weather in the Temperate Rainforest?

The weather in the rainforest is very humid with high temperatures. It has wet summers and dry winters. Cyclones can occur and lots of rain falls every year.

What weather do rainforest tree frogs live in?

Rainforest frogs live there ,way thay need water and food.

What is the weather like in Puerto Rico?

its very humid and hot and if your in El Yunque(the rainforest) it rains alot there so rainy too

Why does the rainforest have contrasty weather?

because the rain forest is a forest

What is the weather like in congo rainforest?

The weather in the Congo rain forest is extremely warm and the sun only shines about 35 percent of the time. There is an average of 1100 millimeters of rainfall every year.

What weather related phenomenon creates and supports rainforests and desserts?

any special weather phenomena in a rainforest biome

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