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Physical weathering can happen in different ways. The minerals in a rock expand if it gets hotter and contract if it cools. These changes can produce STRONG forces.

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Q: What is weathering physical?
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What will chemical weathering do to the rate of physical weathering?

Decreases physical weathering

How are physical weathering and chemical weathering alike and different?

how are physical weathering and chenical weathering alike and different

What the differences between physical weathering and surface waters?

physical weathering is weathering that you can reverse and chemical weathering is where you can' reverse it.

How are physical weathering and chemical weathering diffrent?

physical weathering is about rocks and chemical weathering is about is about chemicals hahah lol

The type of weathering caused by physical means is what type of weathering?

it is physical weathering. it is also called mechanical weathering

Is abrasion a physical or chemical weathering process?

it is physical weathering

Are chemicals from plants physical or chemical weathering?

Is chemicals from plants chemical weathering or physical weathering

What is an non example of physical weathering?

What are non examples for physical weathering

Is water freezing in cracks in a rock a physical weathering?

it is a physical weathering.

Is weathering a chemical or physical changes?

Weathering may be chemical or physical.

What are some differences of physical weathering and chemical weathering?

That physical weathering can be caused my pressure changes and chemical weathering is caused by rocks falling

How do physical weathering and chemical weathering affect rocks in the same way.?

Physical weathering and chemical weathering both break down rocks.

What are the three weathering?

the 3 types of weathering are: Chemical Weathering Biological Weathering Physical Weathering

How does physical weathering make the job easier for chemical weathering?

Physical weathering, such as cracks, creates more surface area for chemical weathering to occur on.

How does physical weathering work?

Physical weathering is a process rocks get broken in to pieces.

Was the Blue Ridge Mountains formed by physical or chemical weathering?

physical weathering

What are 3 types of chemical weathering?

Chemical Weathering, Physical Weathering, and Mechanical Weathering

Are the three types of weathering?

biological weathering , physical weathering & chemical weathering.

Is oxidation physical weathering or chemical weathering?

Oxidation is chemical weathering.

What are two causes of physical weathering?

Gravity and water are two causes of physical weathering.

Does the Atacama Desert experience physical weathering or chemical weathering?

Since it rarely rains in the Atacama, nearly all weathering would be physical weathering caused by the wind.

What are the types of the weathering?

There are two major types of weathering: physical and chemical weathering.

What is the difference between chemical weathering and physical weathering?

Physical weathering is breaking down of rocks by weather that does not change their chemical components. Chemical weathering is weathering that breaks rocks down by a chemical change.

What type of weathering is in breaking of rocks?

Physical weathering.

Is rust physical or chemical weathering?

chemical weathering