What is welfare?

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  • welfare is what the state offers to families that have a limited income. this is good and bad. it is good because it does help families but it is bad because some families take advantage of it. it is also the health, happiness, fortunes of a person or group
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Q: What is welfare?
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Pros of welfare?

There is no pros to welfare

What are the voluntary welfare facilities in labor welfare?

the voluntary welfare measures means employers willing share their profit for labour welfare schemes.

What is the scope of welfare economics?

The scope of Welfare Economics included: 1) economic and non-economics welfare 2)Positive and normative study explain 3) Individual welfare and social welfare

What is welfare pluralism about?

the welfare and safety of others

Why is a welfare so negative?

Welfare is not negative.

Would you say affected the welfare of the union or effected the welfare of the union?

Affected the welfare of the union

What is welfare policy?

A welfare policy of a government is a general description of how they run welfare programs and who benefits from these programs. Restrictions and guidelines are part of a welfare policy.

What does common welfare mean?

common welfare is when an american

What is general welfare?

providing welfare for the general public

Is welfare bad?

Welfare is terrible, it hurts people

Advantages of labor welfare?

advantages of labour welfare

How do you close your welfare case?

How to close my welfare case

How many blacks are on welfare in Cincinnati?

28,000 on welfare

Where are welfare offices in Calgary?

i want apply welfare

Is Food Stamps considered Welfare?

No. Food Stamps are not Welfare.

Who manages welfare?

Since 1996, the states control welfare.

What is the sum of money given to welfare?

why is there always money for welfare

When was Welfare Problems created?

Welfare Problems was created in 2003.

When was Welfare Party created?

Welfare Party was created in 1983.

When was Guerilla Welfare created?

Guerilla Welfare was created in 1986.

When was Sue Welfare born?

Sue Welfare was born in 1963.

What is the iron triangle of welfare?

the iron triangle of welfare is the obligation to carry out taskes while on welfare not to abuse it like we do nowadays

What happened to welfare programs during the Clinton administration?

Welfare programs were capped to limit the time a person could be on welfare.

What are the pros and cons of residual social welfare?

The residual model of social welfare only provides short-term welfare assistance and neglects the long welfare required by individuals of a state.

Why is welfare a problem in society?

welfare is an problem in society because other people think that welfare is making people that have it lazy and pointless