Welfare is help provided for less fortunate people. It can include food, clothing, shelter, and medical services and is provided by government agencies, charitable organizations and individuals.

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What does the welfare state provide in the UK?

Minimum standard of life and a minimum income for all.


What are the objectives of a welfare state?

A welfare state means a system of social services for people who are ill, old, unemployed, etc paid for by a State. Duties, purpose or objectives of a welfare state is to provide people with food, jobs, medical services, clothes, shelter, education, unity among people, fundamental rights and equal opportunities of people of a state etc.


What is the most immigrant-friendly country?

Probably mars or the moon are the only choice because on earth each and all countries hate foreigners. They love to take their money but are quick to chase them away. Honestly poor undeveloped countries are welcoming to foreigners but foreigners find them too disorganized and corrupt....

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How does one qualify for low income housing?

Find out how to apply for Public Housing or Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers by visiting the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development website.

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How is an illegal immigrant deported from the US?

DeportationsIt used to be a fairly lengthy process. Because of the new immigration laws put in place by Homeland Security/Congress the deportation process is in most cases quite rapid. Usually the local authorities take the person into custody and hold them for the INS, who transfer them to a federal detainment facility. Not a prison/jail unless the person has committed a crime other than illegal entry. Border guards now have "deportation authority" as do some other federal entities. Regulations are very strict, now and many civil rights organizations are protesting the lack of "due process" for illegal immigrants. Meaning the court hearing, appeals, etc are often waived or speeded up, depending on the situation.
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How much does welfare pay per child in Arizona?

I'm unsure but I know for an adult & child it's $275, you must be head of household.


What political party started welfare in the US?


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Where can you find information on Charles Cullis and late 19th Century Protestant social welfare?

I did some work on Charles Cullis for my own dissertation. You might find the material useful. It is contained in my book E.W. Kenyon and the Postbellum Pursuit of Peace, Power and Plenty, Scarecrow Press, 1997. In particular, I believe that he is the founder of the modern bible college movement. Many folks give credit for this to A.B. Simpson, but Simpson was simply following Cullis' model.

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Can child welfare take your son away for reasons relating to the person you are dating?

Child welfare, or child protective services, can take your child away for many reasons relating to who you may be dating including domestic abuse, child abuse, a criminal record, record of child abuse or molestation, drug use etc. When a parent is not acting in the best interest of the child and not maintaining a safe and stable environment the authorities can and should step in and act on behalf of that child. It's their job.

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What constitutes felony welfare fraud?

Wow. That's really complicated because every state has different welfare laws. Any time you use the word 'felony', it's not good! It may become a felony because of the amount of money the state is trying to recover from you. They must think there is something untruthful about your claim. All I can say is two things: #1, get a lawyer and #2, they probably have all the proof they need already. Why would they accuse someone without having something to go on? Good Luck!

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What is the definition of welfare pluralism?

It is a mixed economy of care from the different sectors ie informal, private etc...

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Statutory and non statutory labor welfare?

STATUTORY WELFARE SCHEMESThe statutory welfare schemes include the following provisions:

1. Drinking Water: At all the working places safe hygienic drinking water should be provided.

2. Facilities for sitting: In every organization, especially factories, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided.

3. First aid appliances: First aid appliances are to be provided and should be readily assessable so that in case of any minor accident initial medication can be provided to the needed employee.

4. Latrines and Urinals: A sufficient number of latrines and urinals are to be provided in the office and factory premises and are also to be maintained in a neat and clean condition.

5. Canteen facilities: Cafeteria or canteens are to be provided by the employer so as to provide hygienic and nutritious food to the employees.

6. Spittoons: In every work place, such as ware houses, store places, in the dock area and office premises spittoons are to be provided in convenient places and same are to be maintained in a hygienic condition.

7. Lighting: Proper and sufficient lights are to be provided for employees so that they can work safely during the night shifts.

8. Washing places: Adequate washing places such as bathrooms, wash basins with tap and tap on the stand pipe are provided in the port area in the vicinity of the work places.

9. Changing rooms: Adequate changing rooms are to be provided for workers to change their cloth in the factory area and office premises. Adequate lockers are also provided to the workers to keep their clothes and belongings.

10. Rest rooms: Adequate numbers of restrooms are provided to the workers with provisions of water supply, wash basins, toilets, bathrooms, etc.

NON STATUTORY SCHEMESMany non statutory welfare schemes may include the following schemes:

1. Personal Health Care (Regular medical check-ups): Some of the companies provide the facility for extensive health check-up

2. Flexi-time: The main objective of the flextime policy is to provide opportunity to employees to work with flexible working schedules. Flexible work schedules are initiated by employees and approved by management to meet business commitments while supporting employee personal life needs

3. Employee Assistance Programs: Various assistant programs are arranged like external counseling service so that employees or members of their immediate family can get counseling on various matters.

4. Harassment Policy: To protect an employee from harassments of any kind, guidelines are provided for proper action and also for protecting the aggrieved employee.

5. Maternity & Adoption Leave - Employees can avail maternity or adoption leaves. Paternity leave policies have also been introduced by various companies.

6. Medi-claim Insurance Scheme: This insurance scheme provides adequate insurance coverage of employees for expenses related to hospitalization due to illness, disease or injury or pregnancy.

7. Employee Referral Scheme: In several companies employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage employees to refer friends and relatives for employment in the organization.




What racial or ethnic group has the highest rate of welfare dependency in the US?

Southeast Asians

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How do you qualify for low income housing?

Housing assistance programs and grants are usually offered to an individual based on State or Local minimum requirements. Every state offers some various forms of housing assistance programs and some local cities and/or counties have programs also.


Can you get welfare for your baby if you are a pregnant teenager?

Yes, you can go to your local welfare office and apply for medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. I'm sure you can do this without your parents help.

You might want to consider getting some help from the father--after all, it's really his responsibility, along with yours, rather than the taxpayers. If he refuses to help, take him to court (get a DNA test if necessary) and a court order for child support.

thats not true anymore if a young girl gets pregnant its her parents or other family members that are willing to help take care of the baby and welfare also go by the income your parents make if they make too much you may not get help but it would be another story if your parents kicked you out then welfare would help

ABSOLUTELY!! There is welfare for pregnant teens. My friend is on it now with her 5month old son brandon.

If you are underage and living with your parent(s), or any legal guardian then THEY are responsible for you and your child. Unless you are an emancipated minor, or over the age of 18 then you will most likely get denied unless your parents don't work or their income meets the guidelines. Once you turn 18 you can apply and they will most likely give you the benefits but they will also open a case/issue a court order for child support for the baby's father. CHANCES ARE, you'll have better luck going to the father for child support, or you can find a job as well. It's not impossible! Don't think about what the taxpayers say, think about your child... one day you'll want to tell them how hard you worked and the lengths you have gone to support yourself and your baby. Good luck

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What is the race percentage for welfare recipients?

The percentages of those on welfare by race are listed

below in descending order by percentage.







What is the average welfare check in FL?



State-based welfare reform is succeeding?

NO it is not the us needs to make it work but it is really not and never will cause obama is president and im not being raist i just dont like him being president because he sucks at his job.

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Why can Section 8 housing claim your child support?

Because a portion of it, as well as your income, is applicable toward the housing cost for a child.

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What do you think Deganawida ment when he said all shall receive the great law and labor together for the welfare of man?

it means liberty and justice to all


How many white people receive welfare?

White 38.8%

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What societal changes seem to account for the refocusing of welfare resources at the end of the 19th century?

the rapid soical and economic changes

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What are the pros and cons of welfare?

The pros are that you will have some financial aid when you most need it, to help with household expenses, food, clothing and shelter, this is what it is meant for, until you get back on your feet and have the capability to earn a living again. The cons are that some people use it as a way of life and can soon be seduced by the fact that I do not need to work for minimum wage when I can get the same amount of money for doing nothing, this of course is an extreme, but sad to say, there are people who fall into this trap, and one of the worst things about this happens in social housing, where people can remain for decades and then the children also face the danger of growing up and thinking this is the only life there is, and so the cycle continues

Welfare: Good or Bad? Welfare can be good, and allow a single mother get back on her feet. However, many people abuse the welfare system and simple have children so they can continue to receive more money for a longer period of time. The needs of the children should always come first. Therefore, welfare is doing some good by providing children with food and shelter. But, is welfare really providing children with food and shelter? If a single mother on welfare used only her monthly welfare check she would be in debt by at least $50. However, that would be only if she used to money on food and shelter. That does not even include other necessities, such as clothing, furniture, transportation, soap, etc. In my opinion, welfare is doing more harm than good, but the choice is up to you.

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What is the classification of labor Welfare?

There are three types of labour welfare,





What are the three models of social policy?

1)the residual welfare model

2)Industrial achievement-performance model

3)Intitutional-redistributive model


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