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what is white ramus?

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Q: What is white Ramus gray raus dorsal ramus and ventral ramus?
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How do ventral and dorsal sides of the frog differ in color?

The difference in color between the ventral and dorsal sides of a frog is used for camouflage. The dorsal side is greenish in color while the ventral side is almost white.

What spinal segment structure carries non-myelinated GVE fibers?

The white ramus communicans carries non-myelinated GVE fibers.

What are great white sharks distinguishing features?

Gray dorsal side, white ventral (belly) side. Thick, pointy nose

The white rami communicantes contain what kind of fibers?

White Ramus Communicans is the spinal's cord outflow nerve tract. The nerve is consist of preganglionic sympathetic myelinated fibers and general visceral afferent fibers.

Sympathetic nerves may leave the spinal cord at which vertebra?

Preganglionic sympathetic axons leave the spinal cord throughout the thoracic spine and the upper lumber spine (T1-L2).These preganglionic sympathetic axons exit the spinal canal within the anterior primary ramus and then quickly separate to travel via the white ramus communicans to the ipsilateral sympathetic trunk.

Compare the dorsal and ventral color of the frog. Of what adaptive value to the frog of each of these coloration?

Frogs usually have a dark green or brown dorsal color and a white or yellowish ventral color. This helps them blend in with the water surface from above and the water surface from below as well giving protection from underwater and above water predators.

Which part of the spinal cord contains dendrites?

I guessed Ventral Root, and it was wrong. The other three I can think of are Gray matter, Dorsal Root, and White matter.

Describe the color of the sorsal and ventral surfaces of the frog?

A frog is a tailless amphibian, having a short squat body and very long hind legs for leaping. The color of the dorsal surface is green while the ventral surface is off-white.

What is the color of the green sea turtle?

greenAnother AnswerA green sea turtle is a dark green on the dorsal side (back) and a light cream or white color on the ventral side (bottom).

What does an eastern barred bandicoot look like?

An eastern barred bandicoot has a pointed snout and large ears. Its dorsal (back) fur is dark brown, and its ventral (belly) fur is white. Two white stripes extend onto the dorsal surface, going horizontally, near the base of the tail. Its head-and-body length is about twelve and a half inches, and its tail length is about three and a half inches.

What consists of the anterior horn of the spinal cord?

do you mean dorsal or ventral horn?ventral (closest to belly) contain fibres going out to the body, so ones terminating in tissuesdorsal (closest to back) contains fibres travelling from the body towards the CNS, carrying sensory informationgrey matter is made of neurons (their cell bodies) white matter consists of axons (their processes)white matter is white due to the fatty protein rich myelin which coats the processes but not the cell body

Does a great white dorsal fin always stay upright?

A great white dorsal fin does always stay upright in the water. The fin is what helps the shark swim.

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