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Omnia is Latin for all or whole.

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Q: What is whole in Latin?
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Related questions

What is Latin for 'as a whole'?

The Latin for "as a whole" is in toto.

Translate as a whole to Latin?

Tam quídam plérumque means As a whole when translated into Latin.

Latin phrase meaning 'as a whole'?

as a whole

What is the prefix or suffix of universe?

The Latin prefix 'unus' means one or whole and the Latin suffix, 'versus' means turn.

Latin for as a whole?

omnes it means all, whole

What is the latin word in mean?


Which word comes from the Latin word integrare?

Integrare in Latin means To make Whole!

What is the roman name for Aeneas?

Aeneas is a Latin name. The whole legend of Aeneas is of Latin origin.

What is the word integer mean in latin?


What is the meaning of tantum from latin?

Entire; whole.

Is English descended from Latin?

Not the whole English language, but it contains many Latin words or words from Latin origin, for example "nobility" came from "nobilitas"

Does an integer have to be a whole number?

Yes - an integer is a whole number - the Latin word "integer" translates into English as "untouched", or, loosely, "whole".

What does integer mean in latin?

It means "whole" or "intact"

What is the Latin meaning of the term integer?

whole number

What is the latin word for university?

The Latin word for university is universitas, which also stands for the whole universe.

The whole of Latin America is located in the?

north and south and east

What is a Latin word that means whole or healthy in English?


What latin word integrare which means to make whole?

beat into one

What is the latin phrase meaning literally by the whole heavens?

toto caelo

What is the meaning of the Latin root Integer As in Integrity?

It means entire, or whole.

Which word from the Latin root meaning to to eat greedily?

"Devour", from the Latin word vorare, "to swallow whole; to eat greedily".

Is there a difference between Latin and Spanish by language means?

Spanish is a romance language. There are some similar words but on the whole, very different from Latin

When does the word integer mean in latin?

I think you mean integer - whole, complete.

Where does the word integer and what does it mean?

"Integer" comes from Latin and means "whole" or "intact."

What river in Latin America can you navigate?

Also the longest in the whole region: the Amazon.