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What is whole in Latin?


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Omnia is Latin for all or whole.

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The Latin for "as a whole" is in toto.

Tam quídam plérumque means As a whole when translated into Latin.

omnes it means all, whole

Integrare in Latin means To make Whole!

The Latin word for university is universitas, which also stands for the whole universe.

Aeneas is a Latin name. The whole legend of Aeneas is of Latin origin.

It means "whole" or "intact"

Yes - an integer is a whole number - the Latin word "integer" translates into English as "untouched", or, loosely, "whole".

Not the whole English language, but it contains many Latin words or words from Latin origin, for example "nobility" came from "nobilitas"

"Devour", from the Latin word vorare, "to swallow whole; to eat greedily".

Also the longest in the whole region: the Amazon.

"Integer" comes from Latin and means "whole" or "intact."

I think you mean integer - whole, complete.

Spanish is a romance language. There are some similar words but on the whole, very different from Latin

It is Latin for wise man. It means the human species in a whole.

Latin was the official language of the whole of the Roman empire was Latin because the Romans were Latins. The different ethnic groups spoke either their own languages or vulgar Latin, a mixture of Latin and their original languages. The use of Greek in the east was quite widespread.

Middle French, from Latin sincerus whole, pure, genuine, probably from sem- one + -cerus (akin to Latin crescere to grow)

"Exit" is Latin for "he leaves". "Exeunt" is Latin for "they leave". It's used when a whole bunch of people are leaving the stage at the same time.

The prefix before a base word meaning something related to the whole word

Tutto is an Italian equivalent of the Latin word toto.Specifically, the word is the masculine singular form of an adjective/noun. It means "entire, whole". The pronunciation will be "TOOT-to" in Italian and "TO-to" in Latin.

The words are Latin, but the grammar is not. It seems that the intent was to translate the sentence "All is forgotten and all is forgiven" into Latin, but what we have here is rather "The whole is by forgetfulness and the whole is by forgiveness." A better translation would be Omnia oblivioni data sunt et omnia ignota sunt.

Latin America's longest river is the Amazon. The Amazon is 4,200 miles long and accounts for one fifth of the whole planets river flow.

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