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Q: What is wish in elicited acts?
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Kinds of acts which are elicited acts?

kinds of elicited acts1. wish2.intention3.consent4.election5.use6.fruition

Classification of human acts?

elicited acts and commanded acts elicited acts - these are the actions w/c is done in the will alone commanded acts those acts involving both body and mind necessary to carry out the elicited acts

What is elicited act-uses?

uses of elicited acts

What is acts of the human?

There are two classifications of human acts. These are the elicited acts and the commanded acts. Elicited acts are the actions done by will alone. Commanded acts are those involving both body and mind.

What are the kinds of elicited acts?

Elicited acts can include behaviors such as nodding, smiling, or asking questions in response to a stimulus or cue. These acts are typically prompted by external factors and can communicate agreement, understanding, or engagement.

What are the examples of elicited acts?

4 examples of dlicited acts

What is the meaning of elicited acts?

elicitating force

What elicited acts?

those perform by the will and are not bodily externalized.

What is the difference between elicited acts and commanded acts?

Elicited acts are those that are voluntarily performed in response to some external stimulus or cue, while commanded acts are those that are performed in response to a direct order or instruction from a higher authority. Elicited acts involve a more intrinsic motivation, while commanded acts typically involve an external source of control.

What is the classification of human acts?

Human acts can be classified as either morally good (virtuous) or morally evil (sinful) based on the intention behind them, the circumstances surrounding them, and the moral object or action itself. Additionally, human acts can be classified as deliberate or involuntary depending on the level of intention and control involved in performing the action.

How do you spell elicited?

Elicit is the correct spelling.

What is the past participle of elicit?

The past participle of elicit is elicited.