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blackadder is a hit comedy bbc telivision show wich stared in 1987 and finished in1999 , Although each series is set in a different time era, all follow the fortunes (or rather, misfortunes) of edmound blackadder (played by rowen Atkinson), who in each is a member of an English dynasty present at many significant periods and places in British history .( i hope that answers your question :-p)

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What is Blackadder?

its a funny tv show on bbc. i think it has mr bean in it.

Who directed blackadder?

The director of the TV comedy 'Blackadder' was Paul Weiland.

Where was blackadder filmed?

Most of Blackadder (apart from the first series) was largely studio based. There were the odd locations used - Wilton House in Wiltshire was used for filming the scenes where Blackadder was walking with "Bob" in Blackadder II episode 'Bells'. There are also some other locations on a website I have built about filming locations, below is a direct link to the Blackadder page:

Who played Prince Regent in Blackadder III?

He is played by Hugh Laurie. You may know him from the popular TV show "House".

What is the duration of Blackadder?

The duration of Blackadder is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the funniest blackadder episode?

It is quite hard to decide which is the funniest episode of Blackadder.But here are some of the funniest episodes.Bells (Blackadder II)Head (Blackadder II)Amy and Amiability (Blackadder the Thrid)Goodbyeee (Blackadder Goes Forth)These can be watched on YouTube.One I think is very funny is the Blackadder Season Three episode Sense and Senility.

Who is doctor House?

Doctor Gregory House is a fictitious character from the television show "House" currently airing on Fox. House is played by British actor Hugh Laurie of Blackadder fame.

When did Blackadder Goes Forth appear on television?

The Blackadder Goes Forth series aired between September 28 and November 2 in 1989. For more information about this series, Wikipedia is a great resource.

When was Elizabeth Blackadder born?

Elizabeth Blackadder was born in 1931

When was Captain Blackadder created?

Captain Blackadder was created in 1989.

When did Robert Blackadder die?

Robert Blackadder died in 1508.

When did Bill Blackadder die?

Bill Blackadder died in 1977.

What is the duration of Blackadder the Third?

The duration of Blackadder the Third is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Blackadder II?

The duration of Blackadder II is 1800.0 seconds.

What are some popular British comedies on television?

There are many British comedies on television. Some popular Britisch comedis on television are: "Only Fools And Horses", "Blackadder" and "The Vicar Of Dibley".

Who played Edmund blackadder in the bbc comedy serious blackadder?

Rowan Atkinson.

Who played Edmund Blackadder in the BBC comedy series Blackadder?

Rowan Atkinson

When was Todd Blackadder born?

Todd Blackadder was born on September 20, 1971.

When was blackadder published?

Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty was first published in 1998.

When was Bill Blackadder born?

Bill Blackadder was born on 1899-01-09.

When was Edward Blackadder born?

Edward Blackadder was born on 1874-04-18.

When did Edward Blackadder die?

Edward Blackadder died on 1922-10-22.

What has the author E Blackadder written?

E. Blackadder has written: 'Fancies of boyhood'

When was Ryan Blackadder born?

Ryan Blackadder was born on 1983-10-11.

What is the duration of Blackadder Goes Forth?

The duration of Blackadder Goes Forth is 1800.0 seconds.