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What is wonder gift in Pokemon Pearl?

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Wonder Gift (from Sapphire to Diamond versions) is a way of getting special Pokemon which are available only through a Nintendo Event. Wonder Gift must first be activated in the game by saying a specific phrase to a specific person. The next time the game is started, the option of Wonder Gift is available in the starting menu.

In Nintendo events, you link your GBA or DS to a special place called a Wonder Spot to obtain the event Pokemon (or way of getting event Pokemon) in your game.

In Pokemon Pearl, Wonder Gift in Nintendo events can be used to obtain Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus legendary Pokemon in the game.

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How do you get a wonder card in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

You need to have Pokemon battle revoloution for wii and do mystery gift. What are they for?

How do you get the wonder Card in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You need to have Pokemon battle revoloution for wii and do mystery gift. What are they for?

Pokemon wonder gift?

first things first its not the wonder gift its the mystery gift and you get it differently in all the Pokemon games

Can you get two mystery gifts in Pokemon pearl?

Mystery gift is not really an item. You get Mystery gift and on the main menu you can select it. You can have 3 wonder cards (a card you receive when there is a Pokemon event.) I hope this answered your question

How do you get to wonder town in Pokemon pearl?

you can't

Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

How do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon?

Getting the Wonder Gift in Pokemongo to Pokemon mart on the counter is a piece of paper press a near it and take the survey put link together with all.

How do you get the wonder cards in Pokemon Pearl?

you need to go to a event which gives either a Pokemon or a item then you get a wonder card

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

Can you get maniphy on Pokemon Pearl?

get it as a mystery gift from Pokemon ranger

How do you get wonder cards in pokemon soulsilver?

Mystery Gift.

Pokemon Pearl version where to get your wondercard in Pokemon Pearl?

the wonder card can only be obtained through a Nintendo event

Where is the wonder spot on Pokemon diamond or pearl?

There is no such thing. Wonder Tiles are in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, though, if that's what you mean.

How do you open the mystery gift in Pokemon Pearl?

When you receive it, go play Pokemon Pearl and go to the pokemart.

What would cause the Wonder Gift not to appear in Pokemon?

You need to go to a Wonder Spot in the USA.

How do you get wonder cards if you have the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


How do you us the wonder gift in Pokemon?

you need a wireless adapter

If you delete a wonder card will the Pokemon itself be also deleted in Diamond-Pearl?


How do you get a wireless for Pokemon pearl mystery gift?


Is there a 2013 mystery gift for Pokemon pearl?

No there isn't.

How do you get the Wonder Gift in Pokemon FireRed and Leaf Green?

Wonder Gifti think it has to be the us version cause English version only has wonder cards and wonder new AnswerThere ain't such thing,even in the US version.

How come when you click mystery gift there is only Wonder news and wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?

Because there is!

Can you send a friend on Pokemon pearl a Pokemon through mystery gift?

Nope, the only thing the Mystery Gift does is allow you to get event Pokemon

What is a wonder card for Pokemon pearl on Nintendo ds?

first u need Pokemon battle revelution for wii. buy a WONDER CARD on battle rev. and trans fer it to your ds. it will be a mystery gift. to get a m. card go to the television compony on pearl talk to a guy. answer everybody happy wi fi connection. i hope this helps!

Pokemon pearl what do you breed to get wonder guard?

walk through walls