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What is work in process control?


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May 23, 2008 3:42AM

process control is the one where we study about different process like temperature, flow, pressure, level, etc.,. and about different controllers like P, PI, PD, PID controllers to monitor and control the process automatically. ============================================================ The above although correct is not reflective of what process control engineers do which is more generic than working on controllers. Ultimately the job of a process control engineer is to do one of three actions i) to stabilise the process ii) to optimise the process by incrementing yield and or throughput iii) to optimise energy usage. How this is achieved by the process control engineer is the utilisation of control engineering knowledge (which includes the knowledge of control algorithms such as PID), but additionally incorporates an enormously diverse field such as process operations, process technology, signal processing, statistics and stochastics while supported by other fields such as computing and decision theory. Its the wide array of sub-technologies that are needed to effectively apply process control that on one hand interests some while on the other hand scares other. Ultimately as with all other forms of technology, process control and especially the higher forms of control are applied to generate step improvements in control stability and thereafter profitability.