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Q: What is worst for your body red bull or monster energy drink?
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Which energy drink is the worst for your body?

Red bull is worst for you.Its so dangerous it is even banned in some countries!!

Does monster energy drink stop your growth?

No, it only builds up an energy inside your body, making you go either normal or crazy (depends on how much you drink)

Why are energy drinks harmful to the body?

because they have many things that are harmful to the body for example if you drink "monster" and don't work out you can get a heart attack O.O

What is in monster energy drinks that make you addicted?

Cocaine. ****** Ignore that. It's caffiene. If you drink it regularly, then your body will come to depend upon it.

What effects does monster energy drinks have on the human body?

Answer: Monster Energy Drinks have lots of caffeine and sugar, not to mention ginseng in them. While they may give the consumer a "sugar high," or a "caffeine high," it has none of the mystical effects that ginseng is rumored to have. It does nothing noticeable to the body if consumed responsibly, but it is an energy drink. It is a little less healthy for you than an ordinary soda drink.

Will a 16.9 bottle of water flush out an energy drink out a 16.9 can of monster energy drink out of the body?

no. once you ingest the energy drink, the vitamins are absorbed along with the caffeine. how long it stays in your body depends on your weight, size and metabolism. the slower your metabolism, the longer it will stay. the liquid portion of the drink, the water, will get flushed out through your kidneys and bladder. but all the chemicals will remain.

How does your body get the energy that it needs?

Your body gets energy from what you eat and drink.

Is one can of monster drink per week bad for you?

Monster is said to have a lot of sugar. However, having it once a week can do nothing bad to you. Although it also depends on your diet as well. Do you eat a lot of junk food? Do you induce alcohol? Do you exercise regular? The way you maintain your body previous to the drink will tell you how Monster * the energy drink, will affect you after.

Does monster energy drink have bat poop?

Yes, there is a small percentage of bat fecal matter however, not enough to do any significant amount of harm to your body.

What can a monster energy drink cause to your body?

Energy drinks give you extra caffeine, so it can affect your sleeping patterns. Most recommend that you drink energy drinks earlier in the day so the caffeine will wear off before you're ready to go to bed. Those who drink energy drinks later in the day can experience a change in their sleeping habits.

How does your body store energy?

there food and drink store energy and sports.

Are there steroids in energy drinks?

no,steroids are not energy drink..They just stimulate the body muscles.

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