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Depends on what your losing. Is the fuel stopping or the ignition stopping? Trying cranking the engine til it starts and spray starting fluid into the throttle body to see if it stays running. if it does while your spraying, the you know fuel is being lost. Re-check your work. If it is an Airtex fuel pump, that may be your problem right there. Check if the security light is flashing when you start the car. If it is try your valet key, it should work. You will have to reset your black keys. It's easy ask a dealership MAXX5550 THE WIRING THAT LEADS TO THE FUEL PUMP GOES INTO THE UNIBODY. CHECK THERE FOR CHAFFING.

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Q: What is wrong if you changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and now the motor will start but will not stay running?
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How had motorcycles from 1948 changed from now motor cycles?

Electric start,

What is the symptoms of a plugged gas filter?

motor can cut out , stall or not start at all.

What motor is used for running lathe spindle?

Single phase induction motor ( usually capacitor- start type)

I have a 2002 Mazda 626 and I changed fuel filter and now car won't start It turns over but won't start. It was starting before I changed the filter what is wrong?

is the fuel filter istalled correctly in from fuel line out to engine. PS won't be the first person to install it backwards

What is the use of a motor starter?

It cranks the engine over in order for it to start running.

Why does my car start then stall after running out of gas and refueling?

Because when your car runs out of gas there is no more gas in the fuel lines to run the motor so when you refuel it then start it there is nothing there to keep it running. The gas have to be pumped out of the tank and into the motor.

Your 1994 grand prix 3.1liter motor looses fuel pressure after you driver for about a mile and the car wont start for about 10 min you changed the fuel filter and checked for fire when the car is run?

Were you having problems before you changed the filter? If yes you probably have a bad fuel pump; if no there is likely some kind of fuel blockage in the supply lines or filter. Again, it still could be the fuel pump.

Why won't my 2004 Audi A4 start after I changed the fuel filter?

is your a4 diesel ?

How you determine the starting and running winding of a capacitor start single phase motor?

I think the resistance value of starting winding is less than the running winding of the single phase motor

Your 1997 rs camaro will start but will not stay running and you have changed the fuel filter?

could be oxygen sensor. there actually are two on the car. could be alot of different things. vacuum leak possibly, fuel pump.

Is a capacitor or a capacitor start motor used in a refrigerator?

Most refrigerators use a single-phase induction motor which needs a capacitor to make it start running in the right direction.

How do you connect a start capacitor to an ac motor?

A start capacitor is wired in series with the motor's start winding via a centrifugal start switch. The switch disconnects the capacitor and start winding once the motor has reached a pre-determined minimum speed. The motor then continues to run on its main field winding. A different design uses a "start-and-run" capacitor which remains in circuit whilst the motor is running.

What does your car do when it needs a fuel filter?

it may be hard to start, stall, or stop running altogether.

Will a three phase motor start if fuse of one of the phases is not present?

No, a three phase motor will not start if one leg of the motor feeder is open. The motor will stay running once the motor looses a leg butnot for long if the proper motor protection is provided. The motor protection will sense theline failure and disconnect the motor from the voltage source.

If your 1990 Geo Storm will not start after almost running out of gas how do you purge trash or air from the fuel line or fuel filter?

Replace the fuel filter.

87 suburban 5.7 liter engine 350 changed fuel filter but still wont start?

Do you have fuel pressure ? It must have 9 to 13 LBS. No higher or lower are you will have starting and running problems.

What would be the problem with a 1993 silverado running for a while then stopping Will start again after waiting but cuts out again. changed fuel pump and filter couple months ago was running fine.?

Check the ignition coils and the crankshaft position sensor. One of these could be failing as they heat up.

Cadillac cts won't run after oil change?

Check your Air Filter connection. Many times if you go to the shop to get your oil changed they will also check and see if you may be in need of a air filter. Sometimes they forget to tighten the hose connected to the Air Filter, which could cause the car not to run. It might start, but will not stay running!

1 Will a single-phase induction motor start if only the running or the starting winding is excited?


How do you identify start and run windings of a motor?

starting winding are thicker than running winding

95 Pontiac grand am will turn over but not start after running out of gas?

If a car will turn but not fire/stay running after it runs out of gas completly. This could have caused a few things to break such as the fuel pump/sending unit. Also might just be a clogged fuel filter. When you run out of gas you suck everything such as rust and dirt through the lines and filter which can clog it. First thing i would try is to turn the key to on but not start it and stick your head by the gas tank and try to see if you can hear the pump run. (it will sound like a little electric motor running) if you hear that then try to discnnect the fuel line at the motor and turn the key to start and see if you get fuel. If you get fuel then it is a spark problem after that.

My 2000 Ford Focus turn's off when i drive it and it also wont start sometimes.What is wrong with it?

Start by having the fuel filter changed.

Why 1998 expedition wont stay running it willl start but dies unless you give it some gas?

Start by checking your fuel filter.

Why does your 89 Oldsmobile cuttlas ciera stall after 20 mins running?

Start with replacing the fuel filter.

2001 kia sportage boging and running poorly?

i would defiantly start by changing the fuel filter

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