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its clogged with rust either need to use paper clip to make a passage way or remove it and clean the port hole

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Q: What is wrong when the antifreeze will not come out of the drain-cock at all and only drips out of the hoses at the bottom of the radiator on a 2001 Dodge Ram when trying to flush the radiator?
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Where is the antifreeze tank on a 1989 Honda Accord you am trying to check the antifreeze level in the radiator but do you put antifreeze in the radiator or in the overflow tank and where is it?

Always check and fill from the rad neck. If your car is equipped with a reservoir tank it will be attached by a hose to the neck of the rad. Follow it to find it.I hope this helps you. Mark

Is water added when filling 2003 Honda Accord radiator with antifreeze?

You want to use a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze, but use the manufacture recommended antifreeze, it comes straight anti freeze in which case you would mix a gallon of antifreeze to a gallon of water or you can buy a pre mixed container of antifreeze if your just trying to top off

How do you remove the radiator plug on a 2001 Chevy Impala 3400V6 engine?

I am trying to drain old antifreeze and replace with new and cannot figure out how to remove the radiator plug on my 2001 Chevy impala 3400V6 engine?

What if you spill antifreeze on other parts while trying to fill radiator?

It wont do any ham, if you are a clean ind tidy freak just wash is of wit a bit of water.

How do you replace the radiator on a 2000 volvo v40 turbo?

Very difficultly. It's horrible. Have to drop the fans from the bottom which is near impossible to not break them trying to it's so tight.

Is there antifreeze in recseries paintballs?

There is no antifreeze in any paintballs. Trying to freeze paintballs will ruin their structural integrity, causing them to become brittle shelled, and overly viscus in the center.

Is you tried to get to the bottom of it an idiom?

yes because your not trying to get literally to the bottom of it.

Where can you find the radiator plug on a 1994 Saturn?

On my 1992 Saturn the radiator petcock is above the splash guard on the bottom of the radiator on the side closest to the belt. You may want to drain the radiator via the lower hose. The petcock on my Saturn came apart. The retaining clip came off of the back. I did not force it and according to the Saturn forums this happens. I am now trying to see if it can be repaired or replaced and much farther than I wanted to be from completing a quick water pump change.

What would cause a quick gush of white smoke to come out of the exhaust on a 1999 Dodge Caravan only upon starting?

White smoke is caused by water and or antifreeze entering the cylinder, and the engine trying to burn it with the fuel. The white smoke is steam. There are special gaskets (head gaskets are the primary gaskets) that keep the antifreeze from entering the cylinder area. The cylinder is where the fuel and air mixture are being compressed and burned. Any amount of antifreeze that enters this area will produce a white steam that will be present at the tailpipe area. If white smoke is present, check to see if the proper amount of antifreeze is inside the radiator and the overflow bottle. Also check to see if antifreeze has contaminated the engine oil. You can look at the engine oil dipstick, or look at the under side of the engine oil filler cap. If the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, it will have the appearance of a chocolate milkshake. Do not start the engine if the oil is contaminated with antifreeze, as serious internal engine damage can result. How did antifreeze get in the oil or cylinder in the first place? The engine probably overheated and a head gasket failed due to excessive heat, thus allowing antifreeze to enter the cylinder (Where it is not meant to be).

How do you unblock a stopcock that is seized up?

If your stopcock on your car's radiator is seized you will probably damage it and ruin the radiator if you try to force it. Leave it alone and drain the water through the lower radiator hose. There is little to gain and a lot to risk in trying to get it to work.

How do you bleed the coolant on a 1992 Acura Legend?

there is a pee-cock "valve"on the bottom of your radiater. If you are trying to bleed the air from the system while filling the radiator. Where the top radiator hose connects to the engine just to the left of the intake there is a bleed valve. Take a 12mm socket and loosen this a couple of turns. When coolant starts to run out, tighten this valve (do not overtighten they break easily)

How do you connect lines on radiator in 1996 Buick Roadmaster with oil cooler?

I have a 93 roadmaster and I'm trying to put a radiator in, so what size line wrenches do i need to connect the oil cooler

Where is the drainage petcock on a 98 Chevy Blazer?

I'm assuming you're trying to drain the radiator? Look up through the front wheel well on the passenger side. You'll see it on the back of the radiator.

What do you pour water in when your car overheats?

The radiator. It should have a fill cap.BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you are trying to put it in while it's hot. The cap on most vehicles will puke out extremely hot anti freeze when you loosen it.Some vehicles have a reservoir with the cap on it instead of the cap being on the radiator itself. If there is not a cap on the radiator then use the reservoir instead.It's best to let it cool for about an hour or so if possible. If you can't wait and you have a water hose available you can use it to cool the OUTSIDE of the radiator for a few minutes but don't get any on the motor, it could crack the engine block. After SLOWLY taking the cap off start the engine and let it idle while you SLOWLY add water in. (preferably add anti freeze) Too much cold water too soon can also crack the engine block.Always have the right mixture of antifreeze for the car as it will let the fluid get hotter before it comes to a boil and also has rust inhibiters. Straight water will boil faster then antifreeze. Most modern vehicles use a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze.Be aware tho that some vehicle use a certain type of antifreeze so if you don't know which is which then add water as it probably needs to be flushed and fresh fluid installed anyway.The antifreeze should be replaced in 3 to 5 years on average.

How do you drain coolant on a 2000 LHS. I can't find radiator drain valve. I am trying to change the coolant.?

Don't know off hand but you could always pull the lower radiator hose and drain it that way.

Why do cat raise their bottom when you pet them?

They do that because they are trying to put their scent on your hand.

Does a radiator have to be removed in order to take the fan clutch off on a 2003 Chevrolet trail blazer?

Hey guys, I trying to take off a fan clutch on my 2003 chev blazer and want to know if I have to remove the radiator to do it.

How do you get to drain plug on radiator for 98 intrigue?

Accessing Drain Plug on RadiatorThe proper name for the radiator drain plug is "petcock". It's located at the bottom of the unit on the driver side. It's plastic, take's a 1/4" square or an Allen to turn, turn a 1/4 turn then pulls (not easily) straight out. Oring seal, probably should replace that. Careful going back in, the guide pin broke on me trying to turn it a little too far.

Where is the drain for the coolant on a 1998 Camry?

The drain is right under the radiator....if standing directly in front of the car looking down at the engine, the radiator plug is located right in front of the radiator facing the engine. I believe you twist it clockwise, use your hand or gently with a pliers, it is a white plaster screw plug, can't miss it. If trying to open it from the bottom, you might have to remove a plastic cover from beneath, or a metal cover too. I just drained mine last week and it was very simple. Good luck!

What will cause the temp gauge on a 1992 Caprice to fluctuate mostly stays hot but check engine light doesn't' come on and there is no heat Antifreeze reservoir almost full and have new thermostat?

Sounds like the radiator and heater core is plugged up. Someone may have added too much sealer in the cooling system trying to stop a leak. Try flushing the system.

How do you repair a leaking industrial heater core?

take it to a radiator shop. It is not worth the frustration of trying to do it yourself. The have to acid dip it to weld it.

How do you find web key?

If you are trying to find the wep key of a router, check the bottom of it

To remove radiator support auto part from vehicle.?

I have two 1993 Chevy caprice and trying to remove the two front fenders from one of the cars to replace on the other car and also the radiator support that holds the head lamps to the other car. can you give me the bolt pattern on how to remove the two fenders and the radiator support.

Can you put hose water in your radiator?

I'm trying to figure out this site. Just found you. Questions about loosing 10095 excort loosing coolant.

How do you replace the radiator on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

Go out and buy a Haynes Repair Manual covering your vehicle($15-$20). It will tell you how to do it, alot easier than trying to explain Remove upper and lower hoses and transmission cooler lines (mark them upper and lower so you don't confuse them on reassembly). Remove the trim piece covering the top of the radiator. Detach coolant sensor wire if so equipped. Lift the radiator straight up. Make sure replacement is seated in the same position with corner brackets at the bottom in place. And get the Haynes manual.