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Have you checked the thermostat... Sound like a blocked radiator .................PS

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โˆ™ 2005-12-19 17:10:27
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Q: What is wrong with a 95 Cavalier Dec that runs hot but will cool down if you put the heater to hot?
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Can the heater core on a Cavalier be bypassed?

yes it can, but dont really recommend it. if your car starts to over heat and the heater core not there you can not use the heater fan to help cool it down, also if you live in an area where it gets cold you wont have no heat.

Chevy Cavalier have an afterun fan?

because its still hot and needs to cool down

Why would car heater stop and start?

Perhaps it needed to cool down.

Why would a 96 Taurus wagon heater only blow when running at high RPMs and cool down when idling?

it has a partially clogged heater core.replace the heater core

What process is used to remove heat from an automobile radiator?

turn the heater on full blast, that will make use of the heater core to help cool things down.

Why wont your Anthony heater cool down after the timer shuts off it is over heating the pipes?

These heaters contain insulation that retains heat (as opposed to the newer style that reflects it back). As a result, they heat up during operation and take a long time to cool down. After using the heater, shut the heater off and let the pump run for at least 15 minutes to allow time for the heater to cool off before shutting off the pump.

What causes the AC Heater blower fan to stop working on a 1999 cavalier?

Check the fuses.If not the fuse, test the resistor down by the blower motor.

If the fan in your engine is of after your car is off what if anything is wrong?

nothing wrong, it just stays on to help cool the radiator down.

When you turn your car air conditioner on high the air feels a bit warmer What is wrong with it?

It will cool down, nothing is wrong with it. It is just air.

How long do you let a 1998 cavalier cool down before changing the spark plugs?

You don't you can change them while the car is still hot its no problem.

What cause your heater to go from hot to cold when the car warms up?

because it needs to cool down if it gets too hot

Bypass heater core Chevy Cavalier?

To bypass the heater corer in a Chevy Cavalier, disconnect the heater core hoses at the firewall. using a hose splice available at an auto parts, slide the hoses on the ends of the splice. tighten the hose clamps down. Check the coolant level in case it is low due to losing any during the procedure. Wash the ground thoroughly because any coolant left is toxic to animals.

Why would a 96 Escort never reach operating temp and cool down to cold while driving and the heater will blow warm air at first and then cool even after you put in a new thermostat and changed coolant?

cool hello

Will a bad water pump keep the heater from working?

Yes. With no hot water circulating, the heater coil/exchanger will quickly cool down to ambient temperature and the fan will blow cold air into the cabin.

Why is heater blowing cool air when car is warming up?

that's because you have to let get started and you havent used for little and it turns down

Where can you find a Cooling system diagram 2000 Taurus for free?

need a view of the heater core lines and why somebody did the work wrong on the the heater hoses cant see down inside the engine to fix the issue

What is wrong with your air conditioning when it will not cool the house down?

simple, its broke and you need to send it to a shop to get it fixed or to get a new one

Why does temp raise then cool down when heater is turned up?

This question was for a 1998 Mazda 626. The solution to this problem of the temp heating up is to start the heater in the car on high. Then it immediately goes to the neutral temp for the car, and stays in stable there.

What is mechanisms to cool the body down?

sweat is a mechanism to cool the body down. the body creates sweat, so it can cool itself down.

How safe is a kerosene heater?

wat if i knock down a kerosene heater

Why does turning on the heater cool down an overheating engine?

Turning on the heater allows the hot water and coolant to enter the heater core.The heater core is really just another radiator designed to extract the heat in the coolant and pass it on into the air surrounding it,in this situation the driving compartment,thus dropping the temperature of the coolant,thus cooling the over heating engine.

Help me cool?

a air conditioner an cool you down

What is wrong 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis air condition problem replaced the unit the dryer the heater control valve and it still will not cool but when you block the heater hose it get real cold?

The air mix door on the in cab part of the unit is stuck in the heat position. follow the cables down from the controls on the dash and you will find the lever that controls the mix door, flip it the other way. for repair you will need to disassemble the heater unit if the cable has not just come loose from the arm.

Should you shut off the pool heater on cool rainy days or leave it on?

Maintain the heater settings. Shutting the heater down will result in colder water temps that the heater has to overcome when it is turned on again and will cost you in the amount of BTU Therms you use. -- more expensive. I believe that it takes approx. one hr. to bring the temp up one degree. K

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because when it is a hot day,you sweat for you to cool down.sweat cool you down is because it is also water.

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