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It has gillrot. You can buy a bottle of medicine at the pet store to solve this problem. You just need to put a few drops in the water every so often. Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.

it could also be bloat

2009-08-01 07:42:28
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Q: What is wrong with a goldfish that has scales that are fuzzy and look like they are falling off?
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Are your goldfish losing scales from stress or from birth?

Could possibly be something more seriously wrong when fish lose scales. COuld be a parasite, fungus or some disease.

Is it normal for a goldfish to shed its tail?

If you mean falling off then NO. But if you mean like the skin comes off, it happens occasionally and nothing is wrong.

What is the plural of scale?

The plural of scale is scales. As in "these scales must be wrong!"

How can you tell if a goldfish is a girl or a boy?

A female goldfish grows at a slower rate then a male goldfish wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - A girl goldfish has a protruding anus, a male does not.

My pet goldfish is homosexual can I get a refund for him?

No. There is nothing wrong with a homosexual goldfish. Take good care of him.

Why does your goldfish have a massive stomach?

It could just be the kind of goldfish. My fantail has a bulgy stomach but nothing's wrong with her.

Your goldfish will not eat anything what is wrong?

It might be lonely if it is by itself.

Was wrong when a goldfish don't want to eat?

they're full.

What is wrong with a goldfish fish when it has eveloped a black spot?

That means that the goldfish is pregnant and the black dot will soon begin to grow!!

What is wrong with your goldfish it is turning silver?

If your goldfish is left in the dark for a long time, it will eventually turn silver. Maybe this is the problem. It is harmless to the fish.

How do you explain what is wrong with I killed a goldfish once?

You can only kill a goldfish once. The sentence suggests it is possible to kill it more than once.

Will goldfish eat coolie loaches because they look like a worm?

Correct Me If I am Wrong , If The Loach is small enough to fit in the Goldfish , It will wind up there.

Your goldfish has been lying on its side for two months What is wrong?

it's dead!

What is wrong with a goldfish when they are found backwards?

If you mean they are upside down, then they could be dead...

What is wrong when goldfish is moving really slow?

It is ether wieghed down by the food or in pain.

Your goldfish keeps floating to the top on its side what is wrong?

It has a damaged swim bladder and is dying.

What does it mean when a goldfish is jumping out of the water in a pond?

Goldfish break the water surface when they are spawning. They will also do it if their water is going rotten. You have to work out if something is wrong. Your nose will tell you.

How to practice circle of fifths?

the circle of fifths is not a math concept. this is in the wrong category. the circle of fifths has to do with scales (the music kind) practice it by doing the scales on your instrument

Do goldfish eat guppy food?

Goldfish will eat guppy food but it is not the correct food for them. Goldfish food is for goldfish and Guppy food is for guppies. Isn't that amazing? I am always baffled by people who want to feed the wrong food to creatures when the correct food is readily available. It makes no sense whatsoever.

What is emotional warmth?

Now, I could be wrong... but I think that'd be the 'warm and fuzzy' feeling you get when you feel accepted or loved.

Do elephants have scaly skin?

No because they don't have scales, their hide or skin would be considered tough or rough or smooth. Only reptiles have scales. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Two of your goldfish died know your figther fish died What is wrong?

you didn't look after them propabley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Why is your plecostomus eating your goldfish?

Plecostomus are algae eaters they are not carnivores. They are also tropical fish so they should never be in an aquarium with coldwater fish like goldfish. If your Plecco is eating your goldfish you must be doing something very very wrong. Work it out. They can live with your goldfish but this may happen, This is because you are not feeding them enough most likely.

How long is the memory span of a goldfish?

It actually has a memory span of a month. I read this in a book. Don't blame me if it is wrong. This is because a goldfish always recognizes it's owner, knows when it should be fed.

How many seconds does a goldfish have of memory?

It actually has a memory span of a month. I read this in a book. Don't blame me if it is wrong. This is because a goldfish always recognizes it's owner, knows when it should be fed.