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Well, the Milky Way doesn't only include stars but it includes planets too.

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What are the names of the 16 stars in constellation centaurus?

The constellation has a total of 281 stars in the area defined by the constellation boundary of which only 11 are main stars.

What are the names of the nine stars in the constellation columba?

"The" nine stars is wrong. Columba - or any constellation for that matter - contains billions upon billions of stars. That includes galaxies outside the Milky Way Galaxy. A constellation is really just an area of the sky. There are of course a few bright stars which we can easily see. I've put in a link which should answer the question, but it only names seven stars. Click on the link below. Then click on "constellations list" and scroll down to the heading "constellations". Finally click on "Columba".

How did constellation Ryan's Belt get its name?

It's not a constellation but a group of stars, and it's 'Orion's Belt', not 'Ryan's Belt' - you're heard it wrong. The formation 'Orion's Belt' is in the constellation 'Orion' - supposedly Orion was a great hunter who Zeus put up among the stars.

What is wrong with the following sentence you love to stargaze however tonight was too cold for enjoying the stars?

In the sentence you love to stargaze, however tonight was too cold for enjoying the stars it is the improper use of voice.

What is the popular name of the constellation Scropius?

Well, the is no constellation "Scropius". Assuming you meant "Scorpius" the translation of that name into English is, "scorpion", but I am not sure that that is a "popular name". I generally hear people referring to this constellation as "Scorpius" or "Scorpio" (which is wrong) and only rarely as "the scorpion". If there is another common name I am afraid that I don't know what it is. Of course other cultures called these stars other names.

Surface temperature of phoenix constellation stars?

alpha 4500k beta 4650k zeta 1440k gamma 3900k kappa 9.506k Comment: I haven't checked, but at least some of these numbers must be wrong.

What is the constellation is also known as the Flying Horse?

i think that is pegasus but i might be wrong.

Check if sentence is grammatically correct-That was wrong.?

"That was wrong" is a grammatically correct sentence.

Is it wrong to end a sentence with also?

There is no wrong with sentence to end with also. For example, We can do this work also.

What part of speech is that in the sentence in your opinion the president was wrong about that?

In the sentence, "In your opinion the president was wrong about that." "that" is a pronoun. Its antecedent is presumably in a preceding sentence.

What is the difference between a galaxy and a star?

A galaxy is a cluster of many planets, gases, and other stuff. A star is a sun like ours. But also, some of the stars you see in the sky could be galaxies. Some of them are planets in our galaxy the Milky Way and this is wrong George!!! A galaxy is made up of billions of stars. Our star is called Sol, and our galaxy is called the Milky Way, but there are many other stars in our galaxy, and many other galaxies in the Universe. Some of the other planets as visible without telescopes, and a small fraction of the stars in the Milky Way too, but none of the other galaxies are visible to the unaided eye because they are too far away Answer 2 The first line above says that a galaxy is composed of many planets, etc. But it's mainly stars. Some of these stars may well have planets around them (like our Sun does) but the main bodies are stars.

How is the milky way different then other galaxies?

The milky way is different then other galaxies because it has a milky color and twists in the middle and other galaxies dont have a planet with live humans.Maybe Aliens.Prove me wrong if you want because it might be wrong.Thank you.

Why is the sentence - you do not has it wrong?

it sounds wrong and its incorrect english

How did people find out about constellations?

They didn't find out about constellations...Long time ago, it was easier to remember certain stars by grouping them with others, and naming that constellation to what the picture looked like (stars connected). I may be wrong, but this is what I've been taught. It was a long time ago, so if anyone has a different answer, or agrees with me, please post away :) !

Put theses in order of size The milky way galaxy Jupiter sun moon?

Increasing size---------------> Moon, Jupiter, Sun, The milky way galaxy correct me if i am wrong xx

What percentage of stars in the sky are not in the milky way?

That depends on how you define the "Milky Way". Technically, the "Milky Way" refers to a faint band of light that crosses the night sky. This band is how we see the star-dense disk of our galaxy from our vantage point inside that disk. Our galaxy was named for this band of light, and called the "Milky Way Galaxy". Note that the "Milky Way" and the "Milky Way Galaxy" refer to two different things. The answer also depends on what you mean by "stars in the sky". Do you mean the stars that can be seen from Earth? And if so, with the naked eye, or with a telecope? How powerful a telescope? Or do you mean every star that is "out there", i.e., every star in the universe, whether we can see it or not? I could sit here all day researching and entering answers to all the different ways this question could be interpreted. But I'm not going to waste that kind of time until you tell me what you are talking about. However, there is one way of interpreting this question that I already know the answer to, and I will give you that answer here. If the "Milky Way" means the galaxy, and if "stars in the sky" means stars visible, with the naked eye, from Earth's surface, then the answer is zero. There are no stars outside of our galaxy that are visible from here on Earth. There are a few "objects" outside our galaxy that are visible with the naked eye. But these objects are, for the most part, galaxies themselves, not individual stars. They are so far away that their immense masses appear to us as tiny pinpoints of light, indistinguishable from the true stars we can see. In fact, they are dimmer than most of the stars we can see. In all of the universe, I believe there is not a single individual star outside of our galaxy that is bright enough to be seen from Earth with the naked eye. But I may be wrong on that. There MAY be a couple of stars in one of the Magellanic Clouds that can be seen. But even if that is the case, the answer to the question is still, essentially, zero.

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