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the sensors get the sensors looked at because sensors are notorious for failling and causing problems


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Earth is passing Saturn in its orbit, with both planets on the same side of the Sun.

Yes, There is going to be a Gears of war 3. The Locust Gueen is not dead, the story of Adam Fenix is not completely solved and there is a secret message after the credits of Gears of war 2. I also heard there is going to be a Movie on the Gears of War Trilogy.

Yes. Going from the votes of peoples opinion to his fate, it seems theres a REALLY high chance of him staying alive through gears 3

yes there will be a gears of war 3 and it is way fun:)

There are gears in the transmission and a set of gears in the axle(which one depends if it is fwd,rwd or all), the gears multiply the engines torque going to the tires. This allows vehicles to accelerate/tow more, allow for a certain speed/rpm rate. More gears allows for quicker accelerating 1st gear(higher #) and (lower#) top gear for better fuel economy.

Yes Saturn has had impact craters, but not many. Saturn is a gaseous planet and while the meteorite is going through its atmosphere, it is burnt up. Also, the winds on Saturn erode away all evidince of an impact

yes its called gears of war 2 but it has a different title

Yes, it will be the last game for the gears of war series

Saturn keeps going and never stops Saturn keeps going around the sun and never stops

You do not oil all the gears, instead you oil only the middle path or gears and the clock starts going again. =)

You do not oil all the gears, instead you oil only the middle path or gears and the clock starts going again.

Saturn is not going to become a dwarf planet.

yes there if going to be a gow 3 its going to be made in 2010 or 2011

in almost all cases, a two stroke is going to have six gears. 250f four strokes will usually have five gears and 450f's will normally have 4-5 gears.

It already exist, so its probably not going away.

Exactly what it sounds like. Cars have different gears to chose from depending on how you want to drive. Low gears are strong but slow, good for getting started, going uphill, or just going slow. High gears are fast but weaker, good for going faster.

TheY haven't made a gears of war 4 yet so don't get your hopes up

Probably, because Gears of War 2 had collectors edition so why not

I think you mean bike gears, because a faster speed means a better time (the shorter it will take you to get to wherever you are going).That's just common sense.With bike gears though:Higher gears are tougher to petal but allow you to put more push into each stroke.Lower gears are easier to petal but you will petal a lot more often per rotation of the bike wheels.Example: If on high gears it takes you 5 pushes to get to your destination, it will take you 15 pushes with low gears.

The clutch will slip in higher gears first. Cruise about 40 mph in 4th gear and step on it, if the rpm's go up more then the speed your clutch is going

You are pushing against the rotation of the transmission when going into the upper gears. When you pull with it in the lower gears, then it is smooth and jumps into place. Or that's what i would think.

Gears of war Judgement there is going a mode that you can play as the locust horde like Beast mode but in multiplayer

yes sometime in 2010 or 2011

they are gonna make it its coming out in April 1 2011

No, and there has been no notice that there is going to be a Gear of War 3.

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