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What is wwe going to do on may 232008?

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a match of the centuries Undertaker vs Chavo Guerrero with La Familla

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When is the next WWE draft going to happen?

May 17th

When is the next WWE draft?

It is going to be in May 17th, 2010.

What wrestiling is Jeffhardy going to WWE or TNA?

he is going to wwe

When is Dwayne Johnson's Birthday going to be celebrated on WWE 2012?

on the second of May.

Is edge going to go for the WWE title?

he is going after the wwe title

What time is WWE judgement day?

its usually around May Its going to take place on this May 17th,2009

Will WWE become TV- 14 again?

Not for a while WWE is now going to the pg era which may last for about 5-6 years.

Is the Jonas brothers going on WWE?

No they won't be on wwe

Is directv going to have the WWE network on it?

No they are not you only get the WWE network through the WWE app

Is the rock going to be a WWE superstar?

He is already a WWE Superstar

When is the rock going to retern to WWE?

he isn't returning to the wwe

Is batista going back to WWE?

No he has no plans of returning to the WWE

Is WWE batista going out with WWE Melina?

They did at one time, but are not anymore.

Is there any WWE on wedsnday?

no, i heard that they arent going to be wwe for wedensday.

Who is Maria going out with in WWE?

she is dating with Jake orotn he is new at wwe

Is WWE wrestler Ashley going to wrestle back in the WWE in 2009?


Why did WWE superstars going to tna?

Because their contracts were up with WWE.

Is WWE chris Jericho going to retern to WWE?

He already returned.

How Do you Get To The WWE?

To get into the WWE, you need to train in wrestling by going to a wrestling school. Then, once you graduate, you work on the independent scene. If you are lucky, a company such as 1PW may sign you. From ther you move up to either ROH or CZW. Then after ROH, you may eiher go to TNA or WWE if they are interested in signing you.

Is WWE 14 going tocome out?

WWE 14 is not going to come out. The THQ company, who develops and publishes video games, and is the company that published the WWE video games until it went bankrupt in 2012. The sequel to WWE 13 is WWE 2K14.

Is Christian Cage going to be leaving TNA for WWE?

Shh! TNA is secretly a low dominance brand in WWE. Christian Cage may be a good wrestler, but if TNA doesn't get some popular wrestlers, Christian Cage is going to stay where he is.

Is Booker t going to rejoin WWE when his tna contract has expired?

yes he is going to rejoin the wwe when he quit tna

Is Triple H going to be the gm wwe?

Yes i think he is the gm of wwe

Is WWE edge going to come back to the WWE?

no becase he brocked his neck

How is going to be on the WWE 13 cover?

Cm punk is on the cover for wwe 13

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