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A Slang term formally used by Jay "Bird" Jackson. ex- Jay where have you been? His reply, Ya Jaw that's where! Now is widely used to joke around but Jay Bird is serious when he says it! YA JAW!
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Does Ya Ya mean grandmother?

YaYa is a first name, I believe that it originates from Brazil. It's not from Brazil I'm Brazilian and I don't know what's Ya Ya Edit- Ya Ya is not Portuguese, it is Greek for Grandmother.

What do ya do if two guys like ya?

Do you like either of them? If not, then just tell them that you don't feel the same way about them, but be nice about it.. Do you like either of them? If not, then just tell them that you don't feel the same way about them, but be nice about it.

What does ya ya mean?

In my knowledge, it is Greek for Grandmother, so it can be anaffectionate term for a grandmother.

What does the jaw protect?

The answer is... Your teeth! The jaw protects your teeth in a way that you can flex in different ways... That's how we make funny/stupid faces! :P bye! This is written by Tamara (year 7)

Where was Jaws filmed?

Martha's Vinyard, if I am not mistaken. You can check with the IMDb to be sure.

What is Jaws About?

This movie is based on a book that Peter Benchley wrote. It's about a police chief who suddenly hears about all of these shark attacks and then wants to close down the beach. But the mayor wont allow it. After a while the Mayor finally decides to hire a marine biologist to go hunt down the shark. Th ( Full Answer )

Do sharks have jaws?

Yes they do it goes from the mouth to the gills theys how their gills open acually. So yea.

What is a ya ya?

it's like yeah yeah but in other words you say ya ya ha ha...it is also used for grandmother in the Tsimpshian language...

Where is moose jaw?

Moose Jaw is a large town in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. With a population of 33, 274 in the year 2011. Also at bottom of moose face!

Why is Jaws a PG?

Because Pg 13 was not introduced until 1984 - Jaws was released in 1975. Well I'm not for sure on this cause I lost Jaws :( but I believe it was for violence and swearing - I think it should be pg-13

What does ya trick ya mean?

"Ya" just means "you" in dialect pronunciation. A "trick" is someone who is being used just for money - it can also refer to a sex act performed by a prostitute.. "Ya Trick Ya" is just something yelled at people in a hip-hop song, something to make them irritated at the person yelling it..

Jaws on sax?

You are kidding arent you? Please say you are... Its just 1 semitome.....A to Bb.....

What does the jaw do?

well obviously to chew ones food but the main use of the human jaw is for a person to be able to communicate and if a person didn't have a jaw it would be very hard for someone to talk wouldn't it so try be more specific on these questions.

What is ya-yiieh?

is used to describe the music played in Chinese courts of nobility which is 2,000 years old.

What rhymes with jaws?

1 syllable : baus, brause, cause , Claus, Claus', clause, claws, daus, dawes, daws, draus, draws, faus, flaws , gaus, gause, gauze, glaus, gnaws, hawes, haws, kaus, knaus, law's, lawes, laws , maus, naus, pause , paws, prause, saus, sause, saws, shaw's, sias, straws, tawes, thaws, was , wau ( Full Answer )

Do cats have jaws?

Of course they do, if they didn't have any jaw they wouldn't be able to eat or meow.

What is Jaws 3 about?

Jaws 3-D (1983): A great white shark attacks Seaworld in Florida and eats a man holding a live grenade then explodes.

What plant has jaws?

Are you stuipid!?!?!?!?! Plants don't have jaws! The closest thing to a jaw is a mouth. A venis fly trap has a mouth but that is about it!

Is their a jaw bone?

yes you have a jaw bone you can feel it if you put your squeeze your chin

Why is the jaw important?

Jaws are important to help keep our bodies together and to help us chew our food

What does ya-ya mean?

In spanish:. I want to finish doing what you're doing. I need you to hurry up. I'm impatient and I've heard enough. I know there's more but I just can't remember right now.. In Greek:. Grandmother

Why is jaws enjoyable?

Probably because it is suspenseful and entertaining. It is really one of the first animal horror movies that actually looked realistic and it made people afraid of something that was actually alive instead of a fictional monster. Although it gave sharks a bad rep and that is not fair. Not that they ( Full Answer )

What does ya ya mean in Swahili?

It means : party time This contributor has never heard ya ya in such a meaning. he has often heard it meaning "yes, yes." Yaya means nanny or babysitter.

How did jaws die in jaws 3?

Late in the movie, FitzRoyce attempts to lure the huge sharkinto a filtration pipe to trap it there. His plan fails, and theshark overtakes him. With a little maneuvering, the shark takesFitzRoyce all the way inside its mouth, noisily "chews" andcrunches him several times, and crushes him to death. ( Full Answer )

What was that shark from jaws?

A model of a great white, called Bruce. The great white shark is one of the largest sharks and the largest predatory shark, that is why they used a great white.

Is ya-ya a name for grandmother?

No, it's a term used by Filipino children and teenagers to call their house helper/caretaker. Soon, this term became widely used in satires, television shows, etc. Otherwise it Could be Greek, which in Greek it means Grandmother.

Will there be a Jaws reboot?

So far, there have only been rumors of a Jaws remake. There hasbeen no known confirmations otherwise.

Do kangaroos have jaws?

Yes. Kangaroos do have jaws. They have a full set of teeth in both upper and lower jaws.

Is Cruel Jaws Jaws 5?

No. Jaws 5 was the international video release title of Cruel Jaws.It has no connection to the storyline of the Jaws movies. The only connection it has to the Jaws series is it uses clips fromthe Jaws series and the 1980 film Great White. Bruno Mattei thoughthis 1995 film would be more popular if it ( Full Answer )

Why is the jaw unstable?

Although anchored by strong muscles for chewing, the jaw is unstable in comparison with other bones and is easily dislocated from the temporomandibular joints that attach it to the skull.

Who is Jaws archenemy?

Chief Martin Brody has been the shark killer in the first two Jaws movies. So the answer is probably Chief Martin Brody.

What does does Jaws have in it?

the jaws series is a horror film series about a killer great white shark terrorizing amity resort and feeding on swimmers at amity beach. jaws [1975] starring roy scheider, robert shaw, richard dreyfus, lorraine gary, jaws 2 [1978] starring roy scheider, lorraine gary, murray hamilton. jaws 3 [1983] ( Full Answer )

Who were the characters in Jaws and what did they do?

The five leading characters are:- Character - role (played by) Martin Brody - Police chief (Roy Scheider) Quint - Shark Hunter - (Robert Shaw) Matt Hooper - Oceanographer (Richard Dreyfuss) Ellen Brody - Chief's wife (Lorraine Gray) Larry Vaughan - Mayor - (Murray Hamilton) Oh - and ( Full Answer )

Is jaw a noun?

Yes, the word 'jaw' is a noun , a word for the two part bonystructure that forms the framework of the mouth and holds theteeth; a word for opposed hinged parts in a mechanical device; aword for a thing. The word 'jaw' is also an informal verb: jaw, jaws, jawing, jawed.

Is a fracter jaw a broken jaw?

yes basically. A fracture is a crack in the jaw a break is actually broken but i'd say there the same thing x :)

What is the cast of jaws?

roy scheider, robert shaw, richard dreyfus, lorraine gary, murray hamilton, carl gotlieb, jeffrey kramer and susan backlinie.

Is there a jaws 5 cruel jaws?

Yes,there is a Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws. But most people say it's notpart of the Jaws franchise.

Can you get arthritis in the jaws?

Yes. You can get arthritis in any joint in your body, including your jaws. I have Lupus, and joint pain is a big problem for me. My jaws often become arthritic (inflamed and swollen). If jaw pain is a problem for you, I would definitely see a doctor. In some cases, jaw pain can be a sign of somethin ( Full Answer )

What attachs to the jaw?

The jaw is attached to the skull by a hinged joint that allowmovement of the lower mandible. apart from this, you could say thelower gum, teeth and tongue are attached to the jaw.

What does he combined with ya ya mean in Arabic?

"ya" might mean an arabic word in AGCC dialect meaning "came" . so when it is combined with "He" saying he ya ya it might mean"he came" and when repeating the word "ya" twice it becomes" he camehe came " . or simply it means he is here , he is here

How do you get your jaw unlocked?

You may need to visit a chiropractor or a physical therapist to doso. Often, clenching the jaw due to stress will cause inflammationor dislocation in the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).