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Five strikes in a row.

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Yahtzee was made in 1956!

Nazi rhymes with Yahtzee.

Yahtzee was created in 1956.

Yes. In Yahtzee you get three rolls to get whatever you are trying for.You can only do each thing once except for getting a Yahtzee

The Yahtzee River is located in China.

Power Yahtzee was created in 2007.

In the board game Yahtzee, a Yahtzee is a five-of-a-kind, when all five dice show the same value.

There are many websites and companies that offer Yahtzee online for those looking. Some of these websites that offer Yahtzee online are Yahtzee Online, Pogo and Fun Pages.

You need 5 dice to play Yahtzee.

No, in the game of yahtzee you get 3 rolls to get whatever you want

A large straight is worth 40 points in Yahtzee.

The duration of Yahtzee - game show - is 1560.0 seconds.

You can find the instructions on Search for how to play electronic yahtzee

A Yahtzee is when all the dice show the same number, i.e. 5 of a kind.

Yahtzee - 1988 was released on: USA: 21 March 1988

I lost my directions for playing turbo yahtzee. I have the game but lost my directions. Can u help me?

Yahtzee - game show - was created on 1988-01-11.

Yahtzee isn't a word, it's a name. Yahtzee is a naval-based board game involving dice rolling and score keeping. So, yes, it is in the dictionary as a definition for the game, but not the figure of speech, which is not a word.

The cast of Yahtzee - 1988 includes: Larry Hovis as himself Peter Marshall as Host

In the game of Yahtzee, five of a kind can be scored as a Yahtzee, as four of a kind, as three of a kind, as "Chance", or as a full house in the lower section, or as 5 of whatever number in the upper section.The only reasons to ever score it as anything other than a Yahtzee are:You already HAVE a YahtzeeYou've already "taken a zero" for your YahtzeeIn very rare cases, if using it in the upper section is the difference between you making the 63 points required for the bonus or not

Do you mean the game Yahtzee?

While they're not the same thing, a yahtzee can be used as a full house where the pair and three of a kind happen to be the same number.

Yahtzee was said to be created by a Canadian couple. It was originally called the 'Yacht' game because it was played on a Yacht. Hope this helped.

Google Showdown Yahtzee Instructions. The first entry will Hasbro's website. Follow the link and click the S category. Scroll down until you reach Showdown Yahtzee. The intructions will open up as a PDF file. Then read or print as you so desire.

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