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Q: In what dice game do you get straights and three of a kinds and if you roll five of a kind you get the name of the game?
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If five dice are rolled simultaneously what is the probability of getting 5 of a kind in a single roll?

If we are thinking of getting a '6', here are the odds. Wth one dice, its 1 in 6. So,with two dice its 1 in 216 with three dice its 1 in 7776 with four dice its 1 in 279936 with five dice its a huge 1 in 10077696

What is the sum of all the dots on two three four and five dice?

42, 63, 84 and 105.

What are the odds of rolling six sixes with five dice?

Zero. If you roll five dice, you cannot get six 6s.

When rolling five dice what is the probability that all 5 dice will be the same number?

The probability of rolling the same number on five dice is (1/6)4, or about 0.0007716.

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Two dice are rolled three times What is the probability of obtaining all five given that there is at least one five?

It is (1/6)5 = 1/7776 = 0.00013 approx.

What are the three kinds of connective tissue?

There are three kinds of tissues in the body; muscular, nervous, and epithelial. Actually there are five different kinds of connective tissues in the body; liquid, osseous, cartilage, loose, and dense. Also, there are three kinds of muscle tissues in the body and they are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac.

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What is the probabilyity of rolling a sum of five on a dice?


What is the total possibilities if five dice are rolled?

1 in 6

What is the probability of rolling a five with one dice?


What are your chances to get the number five in a dice?

1 out of 6 chance.

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